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Ecommerce Dropship Tips: Boost Sales with Streamlined Checkout

ecommerce dropship home business checkoutAs any experienced ecommerce entrepreneur with a dropship or other online business knows, the checkout process can be a very big leak in your sales conversion bucket.

In order to stop potential customers leaking away at checkout, you need to work on streamlining and improving your checkout process as much as is humanly possible.

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How can you do that? Here are some tips to help you minimize losing sales when it is right down to the wire in the checkout process:

  • Sweeten the pot with a coupon code. Internet research has shown that many potential customers who are wavering between pulling the trigger on a purchase or hitting the back button and exiting your website will often go ahead and buy if they are offered some type of coupon code at the point of checkout. For example, you could offer flat rate shipping, or even free shipping if that is feasible. The main thing is to give a person some reason for going ahead and buying from you right there and then.

  • Allow shoppers to edit their cart contents without a big rigmarole. If someone decides, for instance, that they want a sweater in pine green instead of chocolate brown, let them change the color without deleting the first sweater and then going back to the product page to add the green sweater and then starting the entire checkout process all over again. It is so annoying when that happens and an amazing number of websites do this. Editing a shopping cart should quick and easy!

  • Show product images next to items in the shopping cart. This will help a lot in the battle of overcoming doubt and hesitation about buying. Many shoppers are prone to procrastination and will often back out of the sale even if they have already added something to their shopping cart. By keeping the image right there before them, you make it more difficult to back out and more tempting to go ahead and complete the purchase.

These tips will help you improve your conversion rate and make more sales for your ecommerce dropship home business.

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