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Ecommerce Dropship Tips: SEO for Landing Pages Part I

SEO dropship ecommerce online home businessYour dropship or other ecommerce business will benefit from using best SEO practices on your landing pages.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a critical part of your overall success in an online home business. SEO is what helps Google and the other search engines find your website or dropship products and then show them in the SERPS, or Search Engine Results Pages, to any shoppers out there searching for what you are selling.

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So, it just makes sense that your landing pages---so vitally important in and of themselves---will benefit tremendously from using good SEO. Here are a few tips to help you get the most mileage out of your landing pages with SEO:

  • Title Tags---Your page title tags should be your first step toward incorporating good SEO into your landing pages. You need to really work at using your primary keyword/s right up front at the beginning of the page title tag. For example, if your dropship sales niche is memory foam mattresses and pillows, then your title tag for landing pages should look something like this: Memory Foam--Your Website’s Name. Why is this important? Because the search engines weigh keywords at the front of a title tag more heavily than those at the end.

  • Meta Descriptions: A meta description is intended to provide the search engines with a little help by furnishing a brief description of the web page as well as its content. Using SEO wisely in your meta descriptions will go a long way toward boosting your rankings in search results. When someone does a search for your keywords, they will see this little dab of information; too, as the search engines usually include your meta descriptions in the results. So, here again--use your primary keyword/s as close to the front of the meta description as you can for the same reason you placed those keywords right up front in your page title tags. Be inventive and try to use those hot keywords twice in your meta description. Here is an example of a well written meta description for someone dropship selling memory foam mattresses: “Memory foam mattresses are a great investment. Sleeping on a memory foam mattress is pure bliss.”

You get the idea. Now, we have laid out a track for you to run on with two key elements of your landing pages and will follow up with further installments to this series, so be sure to check back.

SEO, used judiciously, can rev up your dropship traffic and sales!

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Search engine optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the "natural" or un-paid general, the earlier, and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine's users. 
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Posted @ Wednesday, February 01, 2012 1:54 AM by Search engine optimization
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