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Ecommerce Dropship Tips: SEO for Landing Pages Part II

SEO dropship ecommerce businessYour landing pages are vitally important to the success of your dropship or other ecommerce business and using good SEO will go a long way toward making those critical pages more effective.

Part I of this series offered a couple of basic but very important tips for optimizing your landing pages for the search engines. Now we’ll proceed on with more timely tips for SEO for your dropship landing pages. This time, we’ll focus on content.

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If there is one thing that Google and the other search engines love, it’s content. Your landing pages need to have a minimum of 300-400 words and the content should follow through with the theme of the page as well as the promise of the link that brought a visitor to your site.

One of the biggest reasons for a poor conversion rate is failing to follow through with that promise. For example, if a visitor clicks a link in the search results that mentions “salt water aquariums” then this is obviously where that person’s interest lies. So, you wouldn’t want to lure them to your website landing page on the basis of salt water aquariums as your keywords only to have them land on a page that was about something completely different.

Whatever your landing page link….make your content on that page reflect the same thing. Use your keywords in this content as long as they flow naturally with the text. Don’t stuff or cram keywords into your landing page content as you might actually find yourself blacklisted by the search engines. In the realm of ecommerce, this would be a death blow to your dropship sales!

How much is too much when it comes to using your keywords for SEO on your landing pages or other content?

There are different schools of thought on that subject. Some SEO gurus say it’s best to stick to about 2%, which equals out to around 10 times in 500 words of content. Others swear by using a 3-5% concentration of keywords. Basically, stick to whatever works for you without going over 5% as long as your content reads naturally. Depending on your keywords, it can be challenging to work it or them in naturally 10 or more times within 500 words of content. So just try to do the best you can, knowing that using good SEO practices on your landing pages will help to build your dropship business!

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