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Ecommerce Dropship Tips: How to Have a Great Home Page

ecommerce dropship home page tipeEvery dropship or other commerce home business needs to know the basics of creating a great home page!

In many cases, your home page is the first place visitors land on your site and for that reason alone; it needs to be fantastic. Many website design gurus and internet retail specialists firmly believe that your home page is the most important page of your entire website.

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Or, let’s put it this way: if it isn’t, it should be.

The Importance of a Home Page

As mentioned above, your home page is usually the most viewed page of any other on your website. Just as it is in real life situations, first impressions are crucial! Think of your real home and imagine what a visitor would think if they peeped inside your front door and everything was a jumbled up disaster area…..dirty….messy….disorganized.

Would visitors want to enter such a place? Probably not. The situation is the same with your website home page. It needs to be neat and well organized, user friendly and welcoming to visitors. Otherwise, there is a strong possibility a visitor will simply hit the back button and exit immediately.

That’s how your conversion rate goes South, not to mention your sales and profits.

Here are some simple but effective tips for a great home page:

  • Use clean 2.0 web design with your navigation either on top or on the left side of the page. Have a pleasing, harmonious color scheme without clashing colors or flash unless you feel you absolutely must have it. Research has shown that dark text color against a light background is easiest for the human eye to read, so bear that in mind and use a font that everyone will have, as well. You might also consider giving visitors the option to enlarge the text of your home page.

  • Keep your home page consistent in letting visitors know what you’re all about, but do update content frequently. After all, the search engines love fresh, relevant content so this will help boost your rankings in search results, plus your returning visitors will be less likely to get bored with the same-old, same-old content.

  • Offer informative content. When new visitors land on your home page, they are generally there because they have an interest in whatever it is you’re offering. Basically, they have unanswered questions and it’s up to you to answer those questions right up front. Briefly describe who you are and what you are providing, be it goods, services or whatever. Make it clear to viewers what they can expect to find within your web pages.

Use these tips to spruce up your dropship home page and watch your sales increase!

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