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Ecommerce Dropship Tips: Website Mistakes to Avoid

ecommerce dropship websiteThere are some common website mistakes to avoid for the benefit of your ecommerce dropship home business.

Your website is crucial to your online success or failure! If it isn’t right, nothing else in your career as an ecommerce entrepreneur will be right, either.

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When you are doing business online, your website has to be fully functional and optimized to make the user and buyer experience as effortless as possible.

Here are a few simple but very common website mistakes to avoid on your dropship website:

  • Having a Splash Screen---Unless you have a very, very good reason for forcing your visitors to sit through a long flash intro when they land on your site----don’t do it. Online shoppers are notoriously impatient with extremely short fuses. The majority of them want to get in, conduct their business and get out as quickly as possible. If you feel that you must have a Splash Screen, at least include a link to skip it.

  • Too much text---Fresh, relevant content on your website is exceedingly important because the search engines are always looking for exactly that and providing it will help boost your rank in the search results. But, don’t over do it. Too much text and you will lose your viewer’s attention and when that happens, it’s pretty much over. Do have relevant, updated content but keep it concise and to the point.

  • Off the wall colors---Pretty and unusual colors are nice, but not on your dropship website. If you choose some off the wall color for your background or font, there is a good possibility that some people won’t even have that color available on their computer and if that happens…who knows what colors they’ll see? Stick with web safe colors.

  • No browser compatibility---Different people use different browsers. It isn’t easy to be compatible with all of them, but make an effort to at least have cross compatibility with the major and most used browsers. Otherwise, you will lose a lot of potential customers!

Use these tips to avoid making common website mistakes on your ecommerce dropship website.

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