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eBay Dropship Sellers: Some Good News at Last

ebay dropship sellersIf you are an eBay dropship seller, you are probably heartily sick and tired by now of getting one piece of bad news after another, but believe it or not; there is finally a little good news for you.

During the last few years, under the direction of the current CEO of eBay, John Donahoe, something he fondly refers to as “disruptive” change has been going on. According to remarks Mr. Donahoe made shortly after taking the wheel from failed gubernatorial of California candidate Meg Whitman, his intentions have been to do away with the “garage sale” theme of eBay.

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Dropship and all other eBay sellers scratched their heads in confusion about this since they were all aware that what made eBay great and set it apart from sites such as Amazon and Overstock was exactly what the reigning CEO sneered at: the garage sale aspect.

People came to eBay from all over the world to find the rare and unique items not to be found at every retail store and e-tail website. If you are a dropship seller, your sales consist of new products, not vintage or used or collectible. However, the enormous amount of traffic generated by those flocking to eBay to shop for those one-of-a-kind items was of great benefit to you, too, since traffic is traffic and a website with lots of traffic benefits all types of sellers on the site.

As eBay was changed and changed and changed again in an effort to emulate online mass merchandisers, the site was soon flooded with cheap, mass produced junk. Buyers and sellers alike headed to greener pastures such as Bonanza and Etsy to avoid being buried under tons of sweat shop stuff very few shoppers were even remotely interested in. Somewhere along the line, eBay lost its uniqueness and originality. It lost the spirit of what made it great in the first place.

Now, possibly due to a belated effort to turn back the tide of the disastrous “disruptive changes” that have brought growth to a standstill while Amazon has surged ahead with ever increasing sales; the powers that be at eBay have decided to throw a few perks to beleaguered sellers.

Here are a few changes that are already in effect or in the works for the very near future:

  • The old 55 character limit title has been changed. Now you can use 80 characters, which can be a big help when trying to be as descriptive as possible and snag a viewer’s attention to your listing.

  • Formerly, if a buyer opened a case against you for Significantly Not As Described or Item Not Received, it counted against you whether you were ultimately exonerated or not. This was patently ridiculous, and apparently enough good sellers were suspended over it that eBay began losing even more fees, so they have amended it. Now, if a buyer files a case against a seller without contacting the seller beforehand through the eBay message system and the case is swiftly resolved, it will not count against the seller in performance ratings.

  • Another temporary change that will benefit you is that from Thanksgiving until around the first of the new year, if you offer free shipping and one day expedited service, you will receive 20% off your Final Value Fees. If you are a Top Rated Seller, you will get this discount in addition to your regular 20% discount. So, this will add up to a significant 40% off those pricey Final Value Frees.

It’s nice to get some good news for eBay dropship sellers and other sellers for a change!

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