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A Heads Up for Dropshippers: Strong Holiday Sales Predicted!


dropshippers holiday salesIf you have ever dreamed of starting a home business in ecommerce either to replace or supplement your income, heads up: dropshippers are sure to have a lucrative season during the coming holidays, according to recent studies that predict a strong surge in consumer spending.

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So, this may be a case of striking while the iron is hot if you want to start a profitable online home business. Established dropshippers are gearing up to take advantage of all the extra spending and newbies still have plenty of time to get a foot in the door and grab a chunk of all that money for themselves.

While it’s true that the US and many other countries around this big blue marble are still suffering economic woes, the forecast is still for substantially increased spending during the winter holiday season.

The United States Department of Commerce found that 2010 ecommerce sales soared from $39.2 billion to $53.2 billion between the 3rd and 4th quarters. New findings released in August of 2011 by the Department of Commerce show that retail ecommerce sales are right on track. The good news for ecommerce merchants is that online share of total retail sales is steadily increasing.

Yippee! This really is great news for drop shippers and would-be home business people who want to get in on the action of holiday spending.

dropshippers holiday sales predictions








And there’s more good news for dropshippers hoping to rack up big sales this holiday season! According to Comscore, the 2nd quarter of 2011 were significantly more than those of the same quarter in 2010. As a matter of fact, sales rose by a hefty $5 billion, while the number of online buyers increased 16%.  Online buyer penetration among internet users increased 9 percentage points, on up to 70%. The 2% decrease in dollars spent per buyer could be because of an increase in the number of overall online buyers, especially buyers with lower incomes.

holiday sales predictions 2011





Another tidbit that might prove useful to drop shippers is this: ComScore found that the decision to shop only if there is a sale is at its highest point since July 2008. 48% of internet users cite shopping only during sales as favorite way to save money. This means that drop shippers need to get busy and cook up some great holiday sales and promotions!

Dropshippers with existing home businesses as well as anyone who wants to start their own home business in dropship sales can put this info to good use and make the most of holiday sales this year.

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