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Ecommerce Dropship Tips: Social Media Marketing With Facebook

social media marketing facebook dropship businessIf you have a dropship or other ecommerce business and are not using Facebook for social media marketing, you are missing a fantastic opportunity to boost sales and traffic!

According to statistics, more than half of all people in the United States are using Facebook. There were over 800 million users on Facebook as of July 2011, worldwide. Just think of what a humongous group of potential buyers that is! You can leverage the power of social media and Facebook with only a few simple steps and a commitment to make the necessary effort to have your social media marketing pay off for your home dropship business.

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Here are some handy tips to help you use Facebook to grow and build your home ecommerce dropship business:

  • Integrate ecommerce into your Facebook store by having contests that request Likes in order to be entered, or freebies that work the same way. Many big corporations are doing this with resounding success. You can, too.

  • Post ads and details of promotions on your Facebook wall with a link that sends viewers to your Facebook store pages. Use the Facebook Fans API, you can combine promotions with links to the product within your Facebook store and make it easy for visitors to make a purchase right then and there.

  • Using the Share, Like and Reviews features facilitates viewers passing the world along about your products, promotions, contests, freebies or whatever to others within their circle. Ditto for reviews. Reviews are also great because they get viewers involved and interacting with you!

  • The biggest majority of online users are still wary of divulging their personal and financial info on the internet. This is especially true if it is a procedure that they are not accustomed to. So, to increase buyer confidence and overcome fears about giving information necessary for a purchase, don’t direct would-be customers to your dropship website from Facebook if they want to make a purchase. This isn’t necessary and will cost you a lot of sales. Display the same trust & security symbols on your Facebook store pages as you do on your dropship website, and integrate your website’s preferred payment method---Paypal is one most users are comfortable and familiar with---so that a purchase can be completed on the spot.

Using these tips for social media marketing and ecommerce on Facebook will help build dropship sales!

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