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Ecommerce Dropship Tips: Boost SEO Using Keyword Effectiveness Index

SEO KEI dropship ecommerce businessUsing best SEO practices can make or break your online dropship or other ecommerce home business, so getting a handle on KEI, or Keyword Effectiveness Index, might prove extremely beneficial to help ensure a steady flow of traffic through your website.

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which simply means that you are taking steps to make it easier for Google and the other search engines to find your dropship site. If the search engines can’t find your site, they can’t crawl and index it and in that event, you almost certainly wouldn’t have a website or a dropship business for long since if Google can’t find you…neither will anybody else.

Therefore, it is critical to use good SEO and understanding how to implement the Keyword Effectiveness Index is a giant step in the right direction to boost traffic to your online dropship business!

What is Keyword Effectiveness Index?

KEI, or Keyword Effectiveness Index, was first used by Sumantra Roy, one of the most respected search engine optimization experts in the internet, of 1st Search Ranking. In a nutshell, KEI is the initial research done for determining your best dropship business keywords by combining data about Competition and Daily World Searches.

Why Use Keyword Effectiveness Index?

The purpose of preliminary keyword research is to get keyword suggestions that are based on your basic keywords. Once you have gotten the suggestions, you can then determine the KEI for each keyword. This is basically how it works: The higher the Keyword Effectiveness Index, the more traffic this keyword should have because your competition for that particular keyword is low and the number of searches done for that keyword every day is high. Armed with the KEI, you can choose from the best suggestions for each of your dropship website pages. This list will provide you with your prime keywords,  secondary and so on.

How to Calculate KEI

To calculate the Keyword Effectiveness Index, use this formula:

KEI = (DS^2/C) = (DS/C * DS), where DS is the number of daily world searches and C is the competition. The KEI ranges from 0 to over 400.

Here is the determination for poor, good and excellent keywords:

  • < 0.001 = Poor keyword
  • 0.001-0.010 = Good Keyword
  • 0.010-0.100+ = Excellent Keyword

Using the KEI is a classic example of working smarter instead of harder. With the keyword knowledge you gain using the KEI, you will be better able to use best SEO practices and the keywords and keyword phrases that will perform the best for your dropship business. Wordtracker has a great free keyword tool that can help you with SEO and KEI.

Keeping your dropship business website up to speed on SEO can give you a lead over the pack of competitors nipping at your heels!

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