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3dcart Drop Shippers: Work Smarter instead of Harder!

3dcart dropshippers home businessIt would be hard to imagine an easier and more profitable home business than dropshipping and 3dcart drop shippers work smarter instead of harder; making it even easier to earn a great income online!

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3dcart has a slew of features that drop shippers find extremely helpful. For instance, check these out, straight from the 3dcart website:

“The drop ship feature allows you to calculate shipping rates for products from multiple warehouse locations. If a customer purchases products that are shipped from 2 or more locations, the 3dCart shopping cart will calculate all the correct pricing so your shipping rates are 100% accurate. Moreover, you can customize the cart so each distributor gets notification with an itemized list of each product that needs to be shipped out.”

What a huge timesaver for you!

Successful people all have one thing in common: They learn how to work smarter instead of harder. If there is an easier, faster, more streamlined way to do something and achieve good results, the successful entrepreneur takes advantage of it. Sometimes taking shortcuts is frowned upon and seen as taking the easy way out. What’s wrong with taking the easy way if it gets the desired result?

For example, for many years, long before the invention of electricity and modern conveniences, people took their dirty clothing to a creek or river and pounded the soiled garments with rocks to get the dirt and stains out and get them clean enough to be worn again. You could probably still do your laundry that way, but why should you when there are now high tech washing machines to do the job?

Taking advantage of the features included in 3dcart for drop shippers, plus the website integration with 3dcart provided by Drop Ship Access just makes your job even easier and let’s face it---that’s a good thing.

3dcart drop shippers are saving valuable time and using it to focus on the thing that keeps the money rolling in: sales, sales, sales! Check out Drop Ship Access and 3dcart now and get started making money right away!

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