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Are Business & Money Books Dropship Sales Good for a Home Business?

business and money books dropshipAre dropship sales of business and money books good for a home business? Is this a profitable niche with a large enough target market to keep plenty of traffic flowing through your site or Marketplace?

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Well, to answer that question we can turn to the Google AdWords keyword tool:

A search for “business books” shows that there are almost one quarter of a million global searched every month of this phrase---246,000, to be precise. The phrase “money books” reveals approximately 75,000 monthly global searches. Another interesting tidbit for anyone considering making this niche their own is that Google shows the competition for these keywords as low.

This is great news for any eager to succeed ecommerce entrepreneur considering a home dropshipping business! The less competition there is for your niche, the better off you are! Not only does it lessen the size of the pack you want to surge ahead of, but it also means that if you want to do some Pay Per Click ads, they won’t cost you an arm and a leg since everybody and his brother doesn’t want them.

So, it is clear to see that there is, indeed, a healthy demand for business and money books. Now, where online can you sell dropship business and money books? One fabulous thing about online sales is that the entire world is your oyster and there are various venues and marketplaces suitable for your business and money books sales. Here are a few possibilities:

  • eBay---Although lagging due to what many believe to be faulty leadership by the current CEO, this well known auction site is still a viable marketplace with a huge flow of global traffic.

  • Amazon---Surging ahead and growing by leaps and bounds with a tremendous amount of traffic, you can sell business and money books here and be assured of plenty of potential buyers.

  • Your Own Website---You may be more interested in saving fees and cutting out the middle man such as eBay or Amazon by having your own website for dropship sales of business and money books. This can be highly successful, although a little bit of a harder nut to crack since you will not have the flood of traffic found on either of the two giants of ecommerce.

In addition, there are other marketplaces online that might tickle your fancy. There are plenty of places to sell so you can be sure of finding a venue that suits you and hey---if it doesn’t perform to your expectations, just switch. You can always switch marketplaces. It isn’t a life long commitment or written in blood.

A home business in dropship sales of business and money books looks like a winner!  You can find a comprehensive selection of wholesale books here that have plenty of margin to markup and sell at retail. 

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