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eBay Wholesale Dropshippers: 3 Simple Steps to Boost Sales

eBay wholesale dropshipperseBay wholesale dropshippers can boost their sales with just 3 simple steps!

If you are already a dropship seller on eBay, you probably know your way around but would still be interested in a few timely tips to help you boost your bottom line. Some eBay wholesale dropshippers are making large incomes and you can, too, just by watching your Ps and Qs and trying these easy tricks to increase sales.

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There are lots of things you can do to get more sales on eBay, but try these 3 steps for starters:

1. Write descriptive titles that draw attention! Your titles are the first thing viewers see when browsing listings. Having a great title or a lousy title can make the difference between your title being the only thing viewers ever see, or enticing viewers to click on your title, read the description, look at your images and buy. Remember: great titles help convert viewers to buyers!

2. Write excellent product descriptions! It is much more difficult to shop online because shoppers are unable to see the “real” product. Therefore, they must rely on you providing excellent, descriptive descriptions. Some sellers really drop the ball here by writing terse, lackluster descriptions that are extremely skimpy on information. One very common mistake with eBay wholesale dropshippers as well as all other eBay sellers is to fail to describe the color or colors of an item. You must bear in mind that PC monitors can vary widely as to representation of colors. Sometimes it may be hard to distinguish between pink, peach, white, beige, navy, black and more. So, always plainly state the color or colors, all of them.

3. Post fantastic photos! While it is convenient to use the images from your dropship supplier’s website, it isn’t always such a great idea. One reason is that other eBay wholesale dropshippers will almost certainly be selling the identical product and using the stock images. If you take great photos of the actual thing and post them in your auctions, you are gaining a keen edge over your competitors. This means buying one of each product your are selling for pictures, but you can always resell it or them.

These easy but effective tips can mean more sales for eBay wholesale drop shippers!

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