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Dropship E-Readers for a Great Ecommerce Home Business Niche

dropship e-readersHow about this for a great ecommerce home business niche idea: dropship e-readers!

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There can be no doubt that e-readers are the wave of the future! Sales of e-books on sites such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble have soared as e-readers gain increasing popularity. In fact, according to statistics, e-readers were some of the hottest Christmas gifts this holiday season.

Libraries all around the world are going online with e-books in order to accommodate those with e-readers. Who knows? At some point traditional printed books may end up being the dinosaurs of the publishing world as most people use e-readers and e-books instead. There are some distinct advantages to e-readers as opposed to conventional books and magazines.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits and advantages of e-readers and e-books:

  • Portable---You can take your e-reader with you virtually anywhere. Many are so small they’ll fit in your pocket!

  • Read in bed---Many e-readers can be backlit so that you can read and see the screen even in the dark, which is a huge boon to a partner trying to sleep because you don’t have to turn a light on in the room if you want to read.

  • Storage---You can store literally thousands of books on an e-reader! Just think how many book shelves and space you would need to have that many books in your home.

  • Easy on the eyes---E-readers are designed to be easy on your eyes, which will greatly reduce eye strain and headache that might be caused by a regular book.

As has been the case with so many other new inventions, prices of e-readers started out very high and are coming down as time goes on. There are some very reasonably priced e-readers available nowadays.

Recent research has shown that ownership among adults of e-books has reached the double digits….12% as of May 2011.

It’s easy to see why dropship sales of e-books would make a fantastic niche for an ecommerce home business! Visit Drop Ship Access today to see almost 2 million high quality products available at wholesale prices now!

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