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Need a Dropshipping WordPress Plugin for Your Home Business?

dropshipping wordpress pluginAre you looking for a dropshipping WordPress plugin you can use for your ecommerce home business?

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WordPress is widely used by many as a blogging platform, but can be used quite effectively for ecommerce, as well, especially with the right plugin. The great thing about WordPress plugins is that they have been developed specifically for WordPress and will integrate seamlessly into whatever you are already doing.

Here are two WordPress plugins that may prove beneficial or helpful in some way for your home dropship business:

  • WordPress WP e-Commerce Plugin---WP e-Commerce is a WordPress plugin great for anyone who wants to dropship products online. Size doesn’t matter. If you sell 10 or 10,000 products, you can easily add a WordPress e-Commerce shopping cart to your website. Very user friendly, too. You can quickly add products and organize your catalogue simply by using the familiar WordPress interface. Totally customizable, integrated to work with Google Checkout, Paypal and other trusted payment processors. Flexible built-in shipping rate calculators. Integrates with a variety of shippers for real-time rates. Streamlined checkout to help eliminate shopping cart abandonment. It’s free!

  • OrderStorm WordPress e-Commerce---The new kid on the block in plugins suitable for dropshippers, this one has a free and a paid version. It is an enterprise level shopping cart that operates on your WordPress website no matter where it is hosted and offers a way for you to dropship products with flexibility, customization and security. It works well with any theme. The OrderStorm WordPress e-commerce engine is a cloud computing solution which means that their servers do all the work, so all you need to do is to use the OrderStorm WordPress e-commerce plugin. This plugin has a virtual treasure trove of attractive features for ecommerce and particularly dropshipping, including automated dropshipping features and much more.

Either of these two WordPress plugins might work beautifully to help you streamline your ecommerce home business dropshipping sales. If you are looking for high quality wholesale products, Drop Ship Access has 1.7 million available now at low prices!

Visit Drop Ship Access today and select your products, then use WordPress dropshipping plugins to make selling them easy!

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