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eBay: I Sell They Ship and How it Works with Dropshipping

eBay I sell they shipIf you are thinking about quitting your job in favor of starting a home business in ecommerce, you may have heard of eBay: I sell, they ship; and wondering how this works with dropshipping.

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First of all, you may be wondering IF this works. Guess what? It does!

Although we are often warned that when something sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t true; there are exceptions to this not so hard and fast rule.

For instance, with a home business as an eBay seller, dropshipping products, you basically only have to focus on sales because your wholesale product source handles everything else. This includes:

  • Packaging
  • Shipping
  • Storage of Inventory

You simply decide which niche you want to base your home ecommerce business in, find a reputable wholesale product source, choose the dropship products you want to sell and then list them on eBay.

Presto! You’re in business as an eBay seller. You sell, they ship!

Since your product supplier takes care of so much of the drudge work for you, this leaves you free to concentrate on the thing that will net you plenty of revenue---sales.

Sales on eBay are plentiful due to the enormous amount of traffic that flows through the site 24/7, as long as you follow a few basic rules of ecommerce such as using great titles and descriptions, as well as delivering excellent customer service.

One extremely important aspect of being a dropship seller on eBay is to be scrupulously honest with your buyers about when to expect delivery of their item.

This in no way means that you should divulge the fact that you’re a dropshipper. That isn’t necessary and your product source will ship the packages discreetly so that your customer doesn’t know someone besides you sent their widget.

It does mean to tell them the truth about how long it will be before their package arrives.

Even if the delivery time is a little longer than they might wish, as long as you’re up front about it and it does arrive within the time frame you specified, your customer is far less likely to be irate than if you gave them false hopes about when it would show up.

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