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Ecommerce: Dropship Pet Supplies for a Booming Home Business

dropship pet suppliesIf you want a career in ecommerce, here is a tip for you: dropship pet supplies for a booming home business with plenty of sales and profits!

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If you dropship pet supplies, you are assured of a humongous target market with a huge demand for your products.

What more could an ecommerce entrepreneur want?

About Dropship Pet Supplies

You might be wondering what types of dropship pet supplies would be best for a profitable home business. There is no hard and fast rule about this. Basically, you can just sell whatever strikes your fancy.

Here are a few statistics that might interest you and help to make a decision about what type of pet supplies would be ideal for your work from home business:

  • In the past decade, the pet supplies industry has experienced unprecedented growth from $23 billion to over $50 billion – that’s more than Americans spend on movies, music and video games combined.

  • In 2010, consumers in the United States spent $48.3 billion on their pets, with a projection of $50.84 billion in pet expenditures in 2011. This annual spending is projected to hit $52 billion during the next two years, according to consumer research company Packaged Facts, as cited by Forbes Magazine.

  • The Forbes article goes on to say that an astonishing 92% of pet owners spent the same amount of money or even more money on their pets during the most recent lean times. A lot of pet owners are giving up luxuries for themselves in order to provide their pets with life’s little luxuries.

  • Financial experts now agree that the pet industry is “apparently immune to recession.” From 2008 to 2010, recession years that saw almost every area of America’s retail economy go up in smoke, pet spending was up by 11.9%.

  • The pet industry is the 7th largest retail industry in the United States, more than the jewelry, candy, toy and hardware industries. In fact, after consumer electronics, pet care is the fastest growing category in retailing, expanding about 6% a year, according to the American Pet Products Association.

And that’s not all! Look at what the American Animal Hospital Association found in a study of over 10,000 pet owners about the emotional commitment toward a pet. Pet owners said that they:

  • Give their pet a Christmas or Hanukkah present (100%)
  • Consider their pet to have human-like personality traits (94%)
  • Would be likely to risk their own life for their pet (93%)
  • Provide daily exercise for their pet (80%)
  • Include their pet in holiday celebrations (86%)
  • Take their pet with them on vacations (67%)
  • Sing or dance for a pet (65%)
  • Celebrate a pet’s birthday (63%)
  • Take time off from work to care for a sick pet (53%)
  • Spend more on their pet now than three years ago (53%)
  • Prepare special meals for a pet (52%)
  • Bring home vacation souvenirs for a pet (44%)
  • Take their pet to work (44%)
  • Display a pet’s photograph at work (43%)
  • Would select a dog over a human as their sole companion on a desert island (40%)

So there you have it---dropship pet supplies is a proven winner as a niche and one that will keep you in a steady stream of sales for a successful and extremely profitable home business!

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