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Home Business Holiday Sales: Dropshipping Nick Jr. Products


dropshipping Nick Jr. ProductsIf you want to make extra money for your winter holiday shopping or earn a full time income working from home, here is an idea for home business holiday sales: dropshipping Nick Jr. Products.

Although it is safe to say that Nick Jr. products are good performers all through the year, with a great demand and a global target market of prospective customers; the fact is that sales will spike during the upcoming holidays because these products are popular for gift giving.

This means a golden opportunity for anyone who wants to pick up some extra cash for holiday shopping themselves, as well as a viable year round, full time home business with wonderful earning potential.

About Nick Jr. Products

In case you haven’t a clue who or what Nick Jr, might be, it stands for Nickelodeon, Jr.

Nickelodeon is an enormously popular television channel, mostly geared toward the kiddies, both grade school and teens. Needless to say, the lineup of characters from the various Nick Jr. shows are well loved by kids of all ages and the products that represent these characters are often given as gifts.

This is especially true during the winter holidays, of course, but also throughout the year as kids receive Nickelodeon products for birthdays or just because presents.

Nick Jr. is all about preschoolers and features such television shows and characters as:

  • Dora the Explorer
  • Boots, Dora’s Monkey
  • Bubble Guppies
  • Fresh Beat band
  • Umizoomi
  • Go, Diego Go
  • Max & Ruby
  • Mike the Knight
  • Tickety Toc
  • Peppa Pig
  • Dino Dan
  • Franklin and Friends
  • And More

There are a slew of licensed Nick Jr. products designed around these characters---everything from toys to clothing---and you will not lack for selection if you decide to start dropshipping Nick Jr. items for a home business niche.


Getting Ready for Holiday Shopping

As with any other ecommerce business, you will need to observe a few rules and policies if you want to enjoy success dropshipping Nick Jr products.

Here are some tips on getting your home business all geared up for the increased winter holiday traffic and all of those shoppers who will flock to the internet in masses, looking to buy Nick Jr. products:

  • Make sure you have no broken links on your website. Test each page and each link to ascertain that every last one is working as it should. If there us one thing that will cause visitors to your site to hit the back button, it’s broken links. So, before you lose a lot of sales because you have pages that won’t load---find and fix them now!

  • Test your checkout process to make sure it is streamlined to the max. Internet shoppers have a notorious need for speed and are known to be impatient. If your checkout process is slow, clunky and way too difficult---you will lose sales at this point in your sales conversion funnel. This would be a real shame after getting them to your site, getting them to buy and place things in their shopping carts and then abandon that cart due to a slow and inefficient checkout.

  • Be sure to display trust and security symbols where they can be easily seen by shoppers, especially on the checkout page. One of the biggest obstacles to an online shopper making a purchase is the issue of security. So, allay those fears by showing them that your site is safe and secure. This will make them less anxious about providing their credit card and other financial information.

Get ready now for the winter holiday traffic and earn a wonderful income dropshipping Nick Jr. products in your ecommerce home business!


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