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5 Timely Tips to Get Your Dropship Business Holiday Ready


How about 5 timely tips to get your dropship business holiday ready?

The holidays are getting closer and closer and along with them comes a massive surge in online shopping that is a boon to enterprising ecommerce entrepreneurs.

In fact, many retail and e-tail business count on the extra spending during the winter holiday season to help boost their annual bottom line if sales have been sluggish.

Let’s face it, the current global economy isn’t one to foster much besides slightly slow sales, so if you can play your dropship cards right this holiday season, it will greatly enhance your yearly revenue.

Without further ado, then, here are 5 timely tips to get your dropship business ready for the holidays:

1. If you sell on eBay, Amazon, your own website or any other online venue, try to use some virtual decorating with cheerful holiday colors and images that will help put shoppers in a festive, buying mood. Don’t use flash images, though, as those tend to be annoying, as well as distracting. You don’t want to distract your shoppers from shopping; you merely want to brighten things up with a holiday theme that will help remind them that Jolly Old Saint Nick is due to make his run very soon, so they need to get those gifts bought.

2. It’s time to start with holiday promotions. You can have shipping freebies or discounts, contests and giveaways, deals and steals---anything that will help drive traffic to your dropship products. Use email marketing, along with social media marketing and other types of advertising and marketing strategies.

3. Don’t forget Black Friday. This particular shopping day, along with Cyber Monday, is BIG. There will be a tremendous influx of internet shoppers on both these days so be sure to have great deals and promotions ready for them. These shopping days are perfect for loss leaders, so decide what you can use as a loss leader and get your dropship ducks in a row accordingly.

4. Make sure that your dropship products are accessible by a mobile device. The number of shoppers who are using mobile devices and apps to shop is rising at a phenomenal rate and if you snooze, you lose. If you doubt the veracity of this, check out this graph:

dropship business holidays

5. Check your website for errors, speed and efficiency. Internet shoppers are notoriously unforgiving about things like error messages and slow, clunky check out processes, so you need to be sure everything is up to speed and working correctly before you get hammered with all that extra traffic your good marketing and advertising techniques have gotten you. Recent research has shown that as little as 3 second page load times can cause 40% of online customers to abandon their shopping carts and leave your site, and 79% of shoppers who aren’t happy with the performance of a site are less likely to buy from that site again.  Ouch!

Here’s a few factoids that might motivate you to put the above tips to good use:

  • According to the National Retail Federation, online sales are predicted to increase by 12% compared to last year.

  • That growth rate could boost internet holiday sales to as much as $96 billion.

  • Online retailers are guess-timated to accrue almost one-third of their business in the fourth quarter, driven mostly by holiday sales.

Get your dropship business holiday ready and scoop up all those tasty sales and profits!


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