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Dropshippers for Teaching Supplies Have a Good Home Business

dropshippers teaching supplies

Did you know that dropshippers for teaching supplies have a profitable home business?

It’s true! With the schools all across the country strapped for cash, many teachers are footing the bill for the teaching supplies they use, themselves. This is a crying shame but we won’t go there and will simply discuss the profitable niche this situation has created for ecommerce.

If it makes you uncomfortable with a slightly guilty feeling to sell these teaching supplies to teachers who shouldn’t have to be paying for them, as though you’re capitalizing on their misfortune, look at it this way: somebody will sell the supplies they need and it might as well be you.

You can provide excellent customer service and high quality products and feel, quite rightly, that you’re supplying a demand that needs to be filled.

Home Schooling

Besides teachers in public schools who are paying for the teaching supplies they need out of their own pockets, there are also increasing numbers of home schoolers who must buy their supplies to teach children at home.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, home schooling is very much on the rise, with more and more parents choosing to teach their children what they want them to know at home.

Check out these stats from 2011:

  • Across the county, an estimated 1.5 million children are home schooled

  • In the span of eight years, home schooling has grown nationally by almost 75%

  • 36 percent of home schooled children stay at home for religious reasons

  • Twenty one percent don't like the environment in traditional schools

  • 17 percent are home schooled because their parents are dissatisfied with the academic instruction that’s available to them in traditional schools

Wow! Who knew?

A 75% increase is a huge spike in home schooling, so this is a trend that will be on your side if you decide to dropship teaching supplies. Of course, you will also have the market of traditional public school teachers as mentioned earlier and that one is wide open, too, with a lot of money being spent!

Teaching Supplies Sales Stats

So, how much money is spent on teaching supplies annually?

According to thejournal.com, that got their data from the Perry Research Professionals who conducted a study on this subject back in 2010, teachers are spending a bundle on classroom and educational supplies.

Take a look at some of the facts and figures that emerged from this study:

  • Total teacher expenditures on classroom supplies and instructional materials reached $3.5 billion in the 2009-2010 school year, including support from parents and PTAs

  • Public school teachers in the United States spent more than $1.33 billion out of pocket on school supplies and instructional materials in the 2009-2010 school year

  • A full 92 percent of teachers reported spending some amount of their own money on classroom supplies, while a smaller but still significant 85 percent reported spending their own money on instructional materials.

You can probably safely assume that the amount being spent by teachers on teaching supplies for their classrooms is higher since this study was conducted, as cash strapped states cinch their educational belts even tighter, leaving teachers to purchase needed materials themselves.

This creates a prime niche for anyone who wants to have a profitable home business in ecommerce, so drop shippers for teaching supplies have a great opportunity in this niche!


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