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How to Set Up a Dropship Business with Vendio with Auto Ordering


How to Set Up a Dropship Business with Vendio with Auto Ordering.  It's all integrated for you providing full automation for your business.  

You don't even need to place the orders with DropShipAccess - we pull all your customer information - including customer names, customer shipping addresses, and the products they ordered so that we can ship orders to your customers for you without you ever needing to retype all that information.

DropShipAccess supports automated dropship Orders for Vendio website as well as many other shopping cart providers including:

Volusion , BigCommerce, Shopsite , Prostores, 3dCart, Yahoo storesPinnacleCart, CoreCommerce, CS Cart, Magento, OSCommerce, Zen Cart, Shopify, Vendio, PrestaShop to make it easy for you and provide you with full dropship website automation.  

DropShipAccess provides complete automation for your business as part of our Website Integration Service.  We integrate with almost all of the most popular turnkey website shopping carts out there. 

Here is DropShipAccess VP of Customer Success giving a Demo of the Auto Ordering Feature of DSA's Website Integration Service.  This Auto Ordering feature works with Vendio, allowing you to receive orders from your customers and never have to place them with DropShipAccess.  DropShipAccess automates the order process for you. 

Today I'm going to show you how our automated orders feature works. This is part of our Website Integration service.

What the Automated Orders feature does is when customers order products from your website, DropShipAccess pulls all that order information, like your customers names, their shipping addresses, and the products they ordered, and we load it into our system for you.

That way, you don't have to manually place the orders with us, which involves finding the products you sold on our site, checking out, and re-entering your customers name and shipping address.

You don't have to do any of that with the website integration service. All you have to do is go into your orders and click “approve” for each order that you want DropShipAccess to send out.

This just gives DropShipAccess permission to send out those orders on your behalf.

So, real quick, all I have to do is come into my orders and “approve” for each order that I want to send and DropShipAccess will send that out to your customers for you. It's a really easy process to place orders with DropShipAccess now. It's automated and it saves you time.

Thanks for watching.

The auto order feature works with Vendio and all the shopping carts that DSA supports.  This allows you to have a fully automated DropShip business with Vendio.

Dropship Business with Vendio


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