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5 Time Management Tips for Your Dropship Business

dropship business time management tipsDid you know that your online dropship business could run much more efficiently, plus more profitably, if you use good time management techniques?

Working from home and being your own boss is the closest thing to a perfect job you’re ever likely to have. Unfortunately, every silver lining has a cloud and the little black cloud of wasting time that hovers over many a homepreneur can definitely rain on your parade if you don’t watch your step.

Time management will do wonders to make your ecommerce business run smoothly, besides easing a great deal of your stress if you’re prone to fritter away your time on non-productive pursuits, and then feel panicky because you’re under the gun and not sure if you can meet your income goals.

So, without further ado, here are 5 time management tips for your dropship business or any home business that will help you get with the program and stay on track:

I. Even though you aren’t punching a time clock, (Oh Happy Day!) you do still need to observe set working hours as much as possible. For example, if you aren’t a morning person and it takes you until noon-ish or thereabouts to come out of your zombie state and feel like working, you might set your work schedule to start around lunchtime. Eat lunch first. It’s not a good idea to report to work in your home office and then promptly take a lunch break before getting anything done. It doesn’t matter as much what hours you choose to work in your home business. The main thing is once having established those hours---do show up at the appointed time.

II. If you spend way too much time on things that shouldn’t take long, invest in a kitchen timer with a loud buzz or ringing to signal when a specified amount of time is up. The louder the better. Decide how much time you need to allot to various activities and set the timer for that length of time. When the timer sounds---quit and move on to the next chore. This is very helpful to people who tend to get too engrossed in things that shouldn’t eat up a lot of time, like research. Some people have a regrettable tendency to Google one thing and then disappear like Alice down the rabbit hole into the Wonderland of trivia. If this sounds like you---invest in a timer. It will help bring you back to reality so you can get back to the business of earning a living. It may be interesting to learn that the dot over an “i” is called a tittle, but what are the chances this little known factoid will make you any money? You get the idea.

III. Educate family and friends about your working hours being sacrosanct. Well meaning though they may be, family and friends often don’t understand that just because you’re home, you aren’t available for chit chatting on the phone or sitting down for an extended coffee break or unable to stop for the day at a moment’s notice and go fishing. It is your job to educate them so that they understand you have to work to make a living and although at home, are not free to socialize until your work day is done.

IV. Get dressed. Yes, being able to work in your pajamas or comfy old sweats is marvelous and if you can do it and turn out a good day’s work, then by all means---do it. However, research has shown that many people aren’t able to get in the right mindset for work if they aren’t dressed. This doesn’t mean decked out in formal evening wear. You don’t need a tie, tux or gala ball gown to work at home. But, if you find yourself feeling sluggish when trying to work in PJs or sweats, try getting dressed in something you’d wear to the grocery store & see if that helps. Psychologically, your brain may stay in sleep or couch potato mode when you’re in sleep attire or slouchy old sweats you wear around the house.

V. Make a schedule. Plan your work, work your plan. Map out a schedule of the things you plan to get done every work day and stick to it. This gives you a track to run on and will help jump start your battery on the days you simply don’t seem able to buckle down and focus. If you finish your tasks before your specified quitting time….hooray! You’ve worked for and earned some extra free time. Take it and enjoy it. Read a book. Take a nap. Play golf. Fish. Or just veg out in a backyard hammock and watch the clouds go by. Rewarding yourself for a job well done will motivate you to apply yourself and finish your work ahead of schedule more often!

Use these time management tips for your dropship business and find out how much more productive you’ll become!


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