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Want to Sell Books Online? Dropshipping is the Way to Go!

online book dropshipping salesIf you want to sell books online, dropshipping is the way to go!

Regardless of how many ebooks and ereaders there are or how popular they become, never fear that real books are ever going to go out of style and become obsolete.

Not gonna happen.

People have been writing and reading books for centuries, way back to the ancient Egyptian days when books and paper were painstakingly made from papyrus. Actually, even before that, man was using a hammer and chisel to engrave the written word or symbols that stood for words into stone.

So, while nobody can dispute the mass appeal of ereaders, you don’t have to worry that an online bookstore wouldn’t have enough customers to net you a healthy income.

One of the marvelous things about dropshipping books is that

(a) You can stock your virtual shelves with as many books as you like, since you don’t have to house inventory, ship books as sold or even pay for them up front, and

(b) There are a wealth of genres to choose from, so you can carry a wide variety of genres and try to have something for almost everybody, or drill down within this broad niche to develop a profitable sub-niche

You may be wondering if there is a large enough target market to make dropshipping books online a feasible ecommerce business venture.

Sales Stats for Books

The numbers aren’t in yet for the total books sold in 2012, but here are some figures from 2011, released by the Association of American Publishers. Do bear in mind that these stats are for the US market only and you can reasonably expect to have decent global demand of books in an online book store.

  • Total trade for 2011: 545.1 million sales
  • Ebook sales for 2011: 85.0 million
  • Adult Hardcover: 130.3 million
  • Adult paperback: 112.4 million
  • Children & Young Adult Hardcovers: 67.1 million
  • Religious: (all formats) 52.4 million
  • Adult mass market: 33.8 million

So, while ebooks are bounding ahead, there seems little doubt that the day of the “real” book is hardly over, which spells good news for anyone wishing to work from home with online books dropshipping.

Which Genres to Dropship?

What genres would lend themselves well to dropshipping?

Any of them!

Remember, even if you’re selling big, heavy books---you don’t have to worry about it because your wholesale product source takes care of all packaging and shipping.

You won’t have to wear yourself unloading boxes of book inventory and placing them in a storage facility, then pulling the volumes out as sold; because your dropship supplier takes care of all that.


In a nutshell, this frees you to do the one thing that will make you the most money: sell, sell, sell!

A home business in dropship books is a proven money maker. You can depend on this niche for a steady stream of traffic and a big demand year round.

Want to work from home and sell books online? Dropshipping is the way to go, so get started today!  You can find all the categories of dropship books here. 


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