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Survey Says: Ecommerce Priorities for 2013 & Your Dropship Business

dropship business ecommerceIf you are always on the lookout for ways to increase sales in your ecommerce dropship business, you may find the results of a recent study very interesting and it might well help you get your priorities in order for the coming new year.

 According to a recent SLI Systems' survey of almost 500 retailers; these are the top priorities for 2013:

  • Site Search
  • SEO
  • Mobile Commerce Strategies

We’ve recently explored some of the reasons why you need to make sure your ecommerce dropship home business is accessible to mobile devices, and so now we’ll take a look at more of the same, plus find out about why sire search and SEO should be way on up there on top in your list of priorities for the new year that is right around the corner.

Let’s start with some more results from the survey:

  • An international survey of almost 500 retailers showed that improving conversions and driving more traffic to websites are the top challenges faced by retailers, along with  improving logistics and also expanding their reach internationally

  • To address these challenges in advance of the 2012 holiday season, retailers boosted focus on their SEO, strove for improved merchandising, refinements and navigation, and plus offering a better site search.

  • Enhancements to site search, SEO and mobile commerce strategies are tops on retailers' Priorities List for this next year, as well as bolstering eCommerce platform strategy.

  • A/B testing, refinements, merchandising and rich auto complete received the highest rankings among new site search features that retailers are planning to incorporate in 2013 to make sure customers and visitors have a great experience.

  • Nearly half---40%---of all surveyed retailers plan to add a mobile version of their website in the new year, and 20% are planning to create a mobile application.

More Stats and Survey Results

According to Internet Retailer, mobile commerce will be seen to double in 2012. This growth is predicted to keep on going up in 2013. Retailers who participated in the SLI Survey also support this projection, with 40% of them planning to implement a mobile strategy in 2013. 20% of respondents are planning to build a mobile application. Of the surveyed merchants that already have mobile sites, 18% plan to take measures to improve the user experience and increase sales by enhancing site search functionality on their mobile sites.

  • Retailers got proactive and tried several tactics this year to get ready for the 2012 holiday season.  More than 40% of surveyed merchants said that upped their SEO efforts and focused more on improved merchandising capabilities, while improved refinements as well as navigation (38%) and also  a more relevant site search (34%) were tops on the list of holiday website enhancements.

  • To educate shoppers and ensure they have the information they need to make an informed buying decision, retailers have begun to see non product related functionality and info as very important to boosting the effectiveness of eCommerce efforts.

  • More than half of respondents---57%--- said that they have posted Twitter feeds to their websites, plus articles and press releases (56%), blog posts (53%) and videos (53%).

  • In 2013, retailers are planning to add more non product features to help increase sales, such as how to info, more videos and blog posts, too.
Source: PRNewswire.com

You should be planning now on your strategy for the coming year, so look over these survey results some to get a feel for what ecommerce retailers are planning to implement and be sure your home dropship business is up to par!


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