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3 Ways Social Media Marketing can Grow Your Dropship Business

dropship business social media marketingEcommerce merchants of all sizes---big box stores along with those who operate a small home dropship business---are using social media marketing to grow sales and revenue.

You can, too!

Social media and popular communities such as Facebook and Twitter have enjoyed a meteoric burst of popularity all around the world since first coming onto the online scene,

According to recent stats, Facebook has approximately 1 billion users, 600 million mobile users, more than 42 million pages and 9 million applications.

Twitter has more than 500 million users, or half a billion. Not as staggering as Facebook’s totals, but impressive nonetheless.

There are other much frequented social communities besides these two giants and you might want to expand your presence to some or all of them if you have the time and energy to do so. However, Facebook and Twitter should be your top priorities for marketing your ecommerce dropship business.

Ways of Using Social Media to Boost Sales

There are many, many ways you can harness the power of social media to help build your brand and increase traffic and sales in your online dropshipping home business.

Here are 3 ways that using social media to drive traffic and boost sales will net you great benefits:

I. Considering the millions of active social media users, reaching a fraction of them can mean big jumps in your traffic and hence, sales. Since many or even most of these people have a circle of influence that includes, friends, relatives, coworkers and just acquaintances, your interaction with each of them will have a ripple effect similar to dropping a pebble into a pool of water, widening out and encompassing many more than the original person. This is manna from heaven for you, a hungry entrepreneur who wants and needs sales!

II. Maintaining a presence on one of the social sites like Facebook and Twitter can work wonders as great PR for your dropship business. This is a wonderful platform for keeping an ear to the ground and finding out firsthand what people are saying about your business and/or your dropship products. If it’s good---that’s super. You can get a lot of mileage from the friends of your Facebook fans, along with Twitter followers, in spreading the good word. If it’s bad, you can learn about it quickly and act to maintain and minimize the damage to your reputation. This is a tremendous benefit for any online merchant!

III. Social media sites offer a free means of having contests and promotions that will attract new fans and followers, plus get your existing fans and followers to share and retweet these events. Internet research has shown time and time again that online users crave interactive experiences and that they want to make their voices heard. Having a poll or survey on Facebook is a fantastic way of giving people what they want while building your brand and promoting your online dropship business.

These are only 3 ways that using social media marketing can reap big dividends for your ecommerce dropship business, so get busy and get on the social bandwagon today!


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