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How to Boost eBay Traffic and Dropshipping Sales

dropshipping eBayIf you are an eBay seller with an online home dropshipping business, you may be interested in picking up a few tips on how to boost eBay traffic and sales.

eBay, while its rules are stringent and unpalatable to many sellers, does have a gigantic amount of global traffic. This makes it a fantastic world marketplace for anyone with a dropshipping business who wants to make money online, working from home.

You may have heard reports that it’s too hard to make money on eBay and that only the huge big box businesses are getting the traffic so smaller sellers are shut out and can’t make any money. If you have, disregard them because such stories are not true.

It does seem that the eBay search engine, with all its faults, does reward sellers with scads of listings. But, on the other hand, it stands to reason that the more listings a seller has, the more will show up in search. Be that as it may, you have no worries about getting sufficient traffic on eBay to ensure yourself a tidy income if you go about things the right way, even as a small dropshipping seller.

Here are some tips to help you increase traffic to your eBay listings and therefore, boost sales:

  • Use your titles wisely. eBay recently increased the number of characters a seller can use in the title, which is a good thing. You now have 80 characters to play with instead of the old 55. Take advantage of this extra opportunity to write compelling titles that snag a shopper’s attention and make someone want to click through to view your product. Make your titles descriptive and your product sound appealing. Be sure to include such details as size, color and so forth if applicable.

  • Be sure to fill out all of the fields in the drop down menu for item details. This is supposed to help you in search. For example, if you are selling clothing, there are drop down choices for style, color, size, etc. Use them all and boost your listings in the search pages.

  • Use great SEO. This means using your prime keywords in your title and as close to the beginning of the title as you can get them. For instance, if you are dropshipping video games, put your most important keywords right up front, such as “video game” and the title of the game, which video game player it uses and more. Use good SEO in your descriptions, as well. Using good SEO will not only help your listings to get elevated in the search pages within eBay, but search engines such as Google can pick them up easier too.

  • Have great images! The old saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words. That may or may not be true, but it’s definitely a truth that eBay shoppers love good photos and plenty of them. So, make your product images the best they can be. Show different views of the product and make sure your images are large enough to be seen well. This is critical for online sales! You may need to actually buy one each of your dropship products to take the photos, but it’s a great investment and anyway, you can resell them once your photography session is over.

  • Offer free shipping if possible. This will get your listings a boost in the eBay search. In some cases, you simply won’t be able to factor the shipping cost into the price of the widget, but if you can….do. Besides getting your items ranked higher in eBay search, internet research has proven that online shoppers love free shipping and will buy a product with free shipping before they’ll buy an identical product without free shipping.

Use these tips to increase eBay traffic and boost dropshipping sales!


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