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Is it Really Possible to Dropship for a Living?

dropship for a livingAre you dreaming of the day you can turn your back on a job that brings you high stress and low pay; asking yourself: Is it really possible to dropship for a living?

If so, this is your lucky day! First, to answer your question---Yes! It is possible to dropship for a living. In fact, many ecommerce entrepreneurs are doing that and some are pulling in six figure incomes from their dropshipping home businesses.

Can you make that much money in a home dropship business? Well, let’s take a look a little check list that might give you a clue whether or not you are cut out to work from home, be your own boss and dropship for a living:

Are you a self starter? Can you get started on whatever job is at hand without needing someone like a boss or supervisor to jumpstart you? If you can get up in the morning and report to your home office just as though you were working for the man---you are probably a self starter who has what it takes to dropship for a living. Now let’s examine the flip side of that coin. Do you tend to dawdle and procrastinate, not accomplishing much of anything unless you have someone cracking the proverbial whip over your head and riding herd on you to keep working? If so, don’t try to dropship for a living because quite frankly, you just don’t have what it takes to be your own boss.

Can you stay on track and carry on even when you hit bumps in the road? If you’re the type of person who doesn’t get discouraged and give up when obstacles rear their ugly heads; but instead keeps on keeping on….your eye trained on the horizon, knowing that better days are ahead if you just keep going…..you may have the grit and determination to dropship for a living in your own home business. But---if you’re the sort of person who wants to give up at the drop of a hat, gets hopelessly mired down in a temporary setback and sees it as The End---don’t quit your day job to try and work from home. In order to be successful in your own home business, you must be able to see the Big Picture and understand that everyone has to overcome a few set backs on the road to success. If you can’t do that, you’re doomed to failure as your own boss.

Can you plan your work and work your plan? People who are successful in ecommerce home businesses are methodical. They plan, they schedule, they think ahead, they set goals. If you can sit down and draw up a blueprint to where you want to go in your dropship business, and then make a road map to get you there---your chances are high of being one of those individuals living the good life on a six figure income. However, if you take a willy nilly approach to everything, tackling everything haphazardly with no plan or track to run on….hang it up. You won’t make it in a home business. People who dropship for a living and do it well know that having a plan is essential to success.

Can you dropship for a living?

If you fit the criteria for successful home business people, then yes, you can dropship for a living and a darned good living it will be, too!


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