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Looking for a Dropship eBay Alternative?


amazon ebay dropship alternativeAre you tired of the exorbitant fees, seller unfriendly policies, totally dysfunctional search engine and all the rest of the current CEO’s “disruptive innovations” and looking for a dropship eBay alternative?

If so, take heart! There is life after eBay, as many sellers who have already jumped ship can testify.

True, eBay does still get a lot of traffic and according to some news tidbits you red; the site has pulled out of its slump and is growing. But, try telling that to sellers.

Well, we’ll rephrase that: try telling that to smallish sellers. The huge corporations eBay has wooed strenuously for the past several years are going great guns. They love eBay and why shouldn’t they? Most of them aren’t required to pay the outrageous fees imposed on smaller sellers.

So, if you happen to be one of those smaller sellers, there is a good possibility that you’re paying more and selling less.

A Dropship eBay Alternative

If you’re disenchanted with FeeBay and actively scouting around for a viable dropship eBay alternative, you do have some options:

Amazon: Amazon has about the same fee structure and seller policies as eBay, but their site actually works, which is a huge plus. Amazon’s search engine kicks booty and shoppers on the site are able to enter a word or phrase into the search box and---wonder of wonders if you’re used to eBay---find it!

The thing about search is that if someone can’t find your dropship listings when they search for products you are selling, it’s a lead pipe cinch you aren’t going to sell many.

eBay has worked arduously to pattern its business model after Amazon but for some reason, hasn’t been able to implement a search algorithm that does what it is supposed to do. This is a source of frustration for buyers and sellers alike. Buyers because they can’t find what they’re looking for and sellers because they can’t sell their stuff.

Advantage: Amazon


Amazon is the hands down winner over eBay in the search department, which will be enormously helpful to you in dropshipping sales.

Another benefit of Amazon as a dropship eBay alternative is the amount of global traffic. Any way you care to slice, dice, chop or cut it---more traffic means more potential customers which means more money in your pocket. This is a good thing. We like money.

According to an article from Compete Pulse:

“1 in 2 consumers who visit Amazon in a month conduct an onsite search and are exposed to a search results page according to new Compete research.  At first glance, you would expect the number to be higher. However, Amazon has done an increasingly effective job of bringing searchers directly to products or category landing pages based on keywords. There are also those consumers that are conducting external searches that direct them to a product.”
Source: Compete Pulse

See how important a working search function is on a website? This is, as noted above, definitely an area where Amazon has a clear advantage over eBay. During the past several years, if eBay manages to get a search engine that delivers reasonably relevant results at least some of the time; they immediately begin tweaking it again until it’s right back to its old dysfunctional self.

Some sellers claim that eBay’s motto is: “If it ain’t broke, break it.”

This certainly seems to be the case with their internal search engine.

Amazon is an excellent dropship eBay alternative!


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