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Home Business Idea: Dropship Dax Cocoa Butter

dropship Dax cocoa butterIf you’re looking around for a great home business idea in ecommerce that would afford you plenty of potential for sales and profits, how about this idea: dropship Dax cocoa butter!

Dax cocoa butter is an internationally known product with a strong following of repeat customers that swear by its products. How is that helpful to you, a wannabe ecommerce entrepreneur?

It means that you have a couple of important things going for you when you decide to dropship Dax cocoa butter products:

  1. Brand name recognition that will be very helpful in overcoming the average online shopper’s reluctance to purchasing on the internet since they know and trust the brand.
  2. An established global customer base of consumers who use the Dax products who will be looking to buy it.

Those advantages are nothing to sneeze at!

What is Dax Cocoa Butter?

If you are unfamiliar with Dax cocoa butter, you might be reading all this and scratching your head, wondering what the heck it is.

In a nutshell (a coconut shell, that is) Dax cocoa butter is a brand of cocoa butter products---things made from or with cocoa butter. There are scads of things made with cocoa butter!

For example, it is often used in beauty products, for hair, skin, bath, soaps, etc. It is also used in some health products. Cocoa butter has long been known as an especially rich natural emollient.

Dax has a slew of products, too, so you won’t lack for items to stock your virtual shelves when you dropship Dax cocoa butter in your online store or your Amazon or eBay business.

Dax Products

Here are some of the Dax cocoa butter products you may want to sell online:

  • Dax Roots Olive Cream--- a leave in conditioner made with cocoa butter and other natural butters and oils.

  • Dax Caribbean Cocoa Butter Crème---a complete body crème moisturizer.

  • DAX Cocoa Butter---specially formulated with rich moisturizing antioxidants, Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E.

  • And many more

If there is one thing you can count on in this world, it’s that most people will always want to look better and feel better. Cocoa butter has so many health and beauty uses that you will have a huge target market of people who will buy it to either make their hair look better or to male their skin look and feel better.

Pregnant women, for example, have rubbed coca butter on their bellies for hundreds of years, in an effort to avoid getting stretch marks. So, with this in mind, you might think about doing some swapping of ads with an online merchant that sells maternity clothing and that sort of thing.

No worries about Dax being a newcomer to the scene and closing its doors any time soon, either.

The company was started in a garage in Brooklyn almost half a century ago and since that time has become a multicultural hair and beauty product producer with its products distributed through 10,000 merchandisers in the United States alone, plus 50 other countries.

Dropship Dax cocoa butter products for a thriving, profitable ecommerce home business!


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