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Dropship Jewelry for Valentine’s Day Sales!

dropship jewelry Valentine's DayIf you’re trying to think of a hot product to get your share of the upcoming Valentine’s Day sales, dropship jewelry!

Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest gift giving days of the entire year, and jewelry is one of the preferred presents that shoppers will buy for their sweethearts. Actually, people buy Valentine’s Day gifts for others besides their sweethearts! Some shoppers buy gifts for teachers, friends, children, parents, any and everybody special to them in some way.

Here are some interesting stats about Valentine’s Day 2012 from Time magazine:

  • $126.03: The average expected amount, per person, that Americans will shell out for the holiday. That’s up 8.5% from last year. Consumers are expected to spend the most on jewelry, at a collective $4.1 billion.

  • $72 million: The average number of Valentine’s cards purchased by parents (40% of all cards sold.)

  • $367 million: Don’t forget Fido — collectively, consumers spend this much on Valentine’s Day gifts for their pets each year.

So, we see that folks will even buy Valentine’s Day gifts for their pets! Who knew?

When shoppers flock to the internet in search of that perfect Valentine’s Day gift, many of them just naturally gravitate to jewelry.

Jewelry is considered an ideal present for this holiday and if you dropship jewelry for Valentine’s Day, you can count on having plenty of potential customers on the World Wide Web who will be glad to buy your products.

What type of jewelry you want to sell is up to you. In general, you might be better off playing it safe and avoiding eyebrow and nose rings, or jewelry for other body piercing, and stick with the basics:

  • Necklaces
  • Rings
  • Earrings
  • Bracelets

These are the biggest sellers and you can’t go too far wrong with products from those categories of jewelry.

You might decide to sell costume, or fashion jewelry as opposed to precious stones and metals. One way to decide is to do a bit of research. You can use the free Google AdWords keyword tool to find out how many global searches are done in a month on such things as silver jewelry, gold jewelry, silver earrings, fashion necklaces and so on. You get the idea.

According to the BBB online, the most money, as far as gifts, was predicted to be spent on jewelry for Valentine’s Day in 2012, totaling almost $4.1 billion.

That’s a LOT of money and over 4 billion opportunities for you to dropship jewelry for Valentine’s Day and score big profits!

If you want to dropship jewelry this Valentine’s Day, you need to get busy!

There is still time to select some great products from your wholesale product source and get your ducks in a row to list it on your own website, Amazon, eBay, or wherever else you sell. But there is no time to waste.

Dream up a good promotion, get your emails out, incorporate your Valentine’s Day jewelry sale on your social media platforms such as face book and Twitter….then get ready to make those sales and rake in that money.

Dropship jewelry for Valentine’s Day! You’ll be glad you did!


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