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SEO: The Google Panda & Penguin Updates & Your Dropship Business

Google dropship businessIf you are making money with ecommerce and concerned about SEO, you may be wondering about the Google Panda and Panda updates and your dropship business.

For instance, you might be wondering whether or not these updates affect your dropship business.

The answer to that question is short and sweet: Yes.

Yes, the Google updates most emphatically affect your ecommerce home business, along with all other online endeavors. These updates have changed the way you need to use SEO and even look at SEO.

Some people are saying that SEO is useless now, that it doesn’t weigh with Google anymore and consequently; doesn’t matter. This isn’t true. SEO is still vitally important, but the way you use it has changed in some areas of your ecommerce business.

The Panda & Penguin Updates

What have the Google Panda and Penguin updates changed?

First of all, you should know that there have been numerous tweaks and updates to the updates regarding Penguin and Panda. Perhaps one of the changes that are of special importance to you is this one:

The Top Heavy Update---Google rolled this out last January and does something the giant search engine had never done before, which is punish websites for having too many ads or ad type content “above the fold.” If you aren’t familiar with this phrase, it originated in newspaper jargon and refers to the top half of the page, or what is “above the fold.” So, the last thing you want is to be too salesy above the fold, or top heavy, because Google will punish you.

Here is a chart that is interesting and might provide you with mor einsight on the new SEO for Google:

Google SEO

Other things that night have an adverse affect on your rankings in Google search pages are these:

  • Poor quality backlinks. With Google, you’re judged by the company you keep. So, the days of link farming and buying links just to get a bunch, thinking it will give you a boost with Google, are a thing of the past. Be very picky about whose backlinks are on your site!

  • Poor quality content. This is yet another area where Google has drawn a line in the sand and those who dare to step across it will find themselves penalized. In fact, some websites that had a healthy front page ranking with Google slid down to page 5 or even lower due to poor content. This means that if you’ve outsourcing your content writing to get it done on the cheap and your website is full of content with fractured English that offers nothing of value to readers….Google’s gonna getcha!

  • Keyword stuffing. Big, huge no-no! Besides using the bots to crawl sites and check for this sort of Black Hat SEO, Google employed humans to check websites, too. The ones that were cramming keywords found themselves knocked waaaayyy down in the search ranking. The focus is on valuable content that is naturally written for humans, not stuffed with keywords for the search bots.

The Google Panda and Penguin updates can definitely affect your dropship business website and if your site has slid down in search results, this is a wake-up call to clean up your site and make it one that Google will approve of and reward!


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