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5 Top Tips to Boost Sales for Your Dropship Business

tips to boost dropship salesSales, both online and off, seem to sort of hit a slump after the boom of the winter holiday shopping, so you might appreciate these 5 top tips to boost  sales for your dropship business!

When you are earning a living from home with an ecommerce business, sales are what keep everything afloat and profitable. So, the more you get; the better off you are.

There are things you can do to stimulate more sales when things slow down a bit and you might be surprised just how effective a few simple measures can be to get your business moving again, even if it has slowed to a virtual standstill.

Here are 5 top tips to help you drum up more sales for your ecommerce home dropshipping business:

I. Have a killer promotion! It may sound counterproductive to give something away or have a big sale and cut prices when you aren’t making a lot of sales and money as it is, but the truth is that this boils down to being one of those time when you have to spend money to make money. Decide on a great promo that will entice shoppers to your store or listings on Amazon and/or eBay. Then, get the word out! Send a marketing email telling about your deals, make sure to share it on your Facebook Fan Page and tweet about it on Twitter, too, along with any other social media sites you may be using for marketing.

II. Go over your eBay listings if traffic has slowed down and see if they can’t be tweaked and better optimized to rank high in search results, which will help get traffic and sales. If you have a store, change your titles around even a little bit as this will often helped to get your items re-indexed and moved up in search results.

III. For eBay Fixed Price or store listings that closed without selling, don’t use relist! The search bots count impressions of how many times your item was viewed. The more times it was viewed without being sold, the more it is penalized and moved down in search ranking. So, use “Sell Similar” instead. The cost is this same, but it will have a new item number and a fresh start with the search bots.

IV. Use cross selling, up selling and bundling techniques to make more sales and money. If you offer a line of correlating dropship products rather than just one stand-alone item, offer a bundled deal that would save the customer money. Or offer other, related products. For example, if you dropship camping equipment and you have a customer with a sleeping bag in the shopping cart , why not offer a great deal on a tent, camp stove and other camping items? This is a wonderful way to maximize sales!

V. Test your website to make sure it is running quickly and smoothly. Ditto for your checkout process. This is the biggest hole in a leaky bucket: the abandoned shopping cart problem that plagues ecommerce entrepreneurs. Online shoppers are notoriously impatient, keep them waiting long for some slow, clunky, bug ridden website or checkout process to work and they’re liable to hit the back button and you’ve lost a sale. Maybe lots of sales because the lost customer might have ended up being a valuable repeat customer if all had gone well.

Use these 5 top tips to boost sales for your dropship business and pull your ecommerce enterprise up out of its after Christmas doldrums!


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