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5 Tips & Tricks for Boosting Sales in a Home Dropship Business

increse dropship business sales
If you are interested in making more money, you might appreciate getting 5 tips and tricks for boosting sales in your home dropship business.

Ecommerce has simplified the whole retail experience, but make no mistake about it---it may be online and e-tail instead of off line and retail like a traditional brick and mortar store, but the bottom line is still sales.

Sales are what keep your home business afloat….any you, in most situations. Most ecommerce entrepreneurs depend on their home business to earn a living, so making sales is of paramount importance.

If you online sales have slowed down, it could be a red flag that you need to tweak your techniques in some way or fine tune your website or listings on Amazon, eBay or whatever marketplace you use.

Here are 5 tips and tricks to help rev up your home dropship business sales:

I. Have a promotion. If things have slowed down and sales are sort of stagnant, get things flowing again with a good promotion. Use your imagination! People are attracted to anything that is a bit out of the ordinary, so you might develop a promotional theme based around some obscure holiday, for instance. The whole idea is to drive traffic to your web site or listings. Have fun with it!

II. Have a contest! There are very few people inhabiting this earth that don’t enjoy a contest and don’t want to have a chance of getting something for nothing. So, design a good contest with one or more decent prizes and then promote the heck out of it on social media and your site or listings, along with email marketing.

III. Check your website for errors. If something is awry on your website, it is definitely affecting your sales. Internet shoppers are notoriously impatient, for instance, so if your site is clunky and running slow for some reason, you would be surprised at how fast many visitors will hit the back button and leave for greener---and speedier---pastures.

IV. Work on cart abandonment. Did you know that according to internet research analysts, the average online cart abandonment rate is 65%, but most websites have an 80% cart abandonment incidence or even more? Ouch! Think of all those lost sales! In many cases, a simple email (if you have it) and contacting the lost shopper will be enough to nudge them into completing checkout. As many as 15% will come through if contacted!

V. Beef up your email opt-in subscription list. Getting lots of visitors and shoppers to sign up to receive emails from you can help boost sales in various ways. For example, look at the tip just above this one. 15% of those who abandon a shopping cart will go ahead and complete the purchase if emailed about it and reminded. That’s a good reason to harvest those email addresses in and of itself! But, cart abandonment aside, email marketing is low cost and quite effective at increasing sales, so do try to get those email addys!

Working from home and being your own boss is surely the closest thing there is to the perfect job, and to make it even more wonderful, use these 5 tips to boost your home dropship business sales and enjoy all that extra money rolling in!


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Posted @ Monday, February 25, 2013 5:06 AM by Fahad Amoun Henry
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