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Maximize Mobile Commerce for Your Dropship Business

mobile commerce dropship businessIf you have an ecommerce dropship business, you should be aware of the increasing use of mobile devices for online shopping, and learn how to maximize this rising trend.

Mobile commerce is the new kid on the block when it comes to ecommerce, but this newcomer is fast making big waves in the internet shopping scene as consumers from around the world use their mobile devices to get online and shop for things they want and need.

For many folks in this hurry up, rush rush society, mobile devices are in frequent use.

What is Mobile Commerce?

In a nutshell, mobile commerce is the type of ecommerce that refers to consumers using a mobile device such as an iPhone or iPad to get online and make purchases. This might include digital purchases such as ebooks or music downloads, along with regular merchandise or services.

Mobile commerce offers convenience and is time saving, hence its popularity.

ComScore, a leading research firm, found in a recent study that mobile commerce has reached double digit numbers in the percentage of overall consumer spending in the United States. Online retail purchases, which have increased steadily to make double digit gains since back in 2009, have spiked up 15 percent since February 2011 to $186 billion last year in February 2012.

Ecommerce sales combined for a 14% surge in year to year growth, reaching an impressive $289 billion in 2012. During the past 8 years, ecommerce has grown from 5-10% of consumer spending in America, with mobile devices now contributing one out of every 10 ecommerce dollars spent.

During the last quarter of 2012, 75% of the American internet population made a minimum of one online purchase.
Mobile phones such as iPhones, along with other portable devices like iPads and tablets showed the highest increase in sales during that final quarter, increasing 40% and 46% from one year to the next, respectively. By contrast, internet sales of desktop computers dropped 13%.
Source: Clickz

Your Dropship Business and Mobile Commerce

What do these facts and figures mean to you, an ecommerce business person with an online dropship business?

They spell out one message loud and clear: You must learn how to maximize mobile commerce to get your share of the profitable pie that consists of the Road Warriors buying online, using their mobile devices.

If you fail to get on board and make sure your dropship website or listings are mobile device friendly, you will be leaving a lot of money on the table and missing sales you would have made to mobile device shoppers.

It seems reasonably certain that mobile commerce is here to stay. So, if you’ve been thinking it’s merely a temporary fad, a flash in the pan sort of thing---you’re wrong and will pay dearly for this misconception in terms of lost revenue for your dropship home business.

One example of how having your dropship business mobile friendly is a consumer practice known as “showrooming.”

ComScore looked at the effects of showrooming, which is what is meant when people visit a brick and mortar store to actually see an item they were considering buying up close ands personal, then going on to purchase the item online. 36% of consumers surveyed by Comcast about this practice said that they engaged in showrooming. Smartphone owners were considerably more likely to use showrooming than shoppers who didn’t use a smart phone---46 percent% as compared to 27% for the second group.

One more very good reason to maximize mobile commerce for your dropship business!


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