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FREE SEO Tools for Your eCommerce Dropship Business

free SEO tools dropship businessSearch Engine Optimization is critical to the success of your ecommerce dropship business, so you might be able to put a few free SEO tools to good use!

Knowing how to use SEO best practices will help you immensely when it comes to driving traffic to your dropship site or listings, simply because it will get you ranked higher in the SERPs, or Search Engine Results Pages. The higher you rank in these pages, the more people will see your link and visit your site and---hopefully---make a purchase while there.

One of the biggest jobs an ecommerce entrepreneur faces is driving a fresh, steady stream of traffic to a website or listings, so using great SEO to help with this is a big step up the ladder of success.

These are free from SEOToolSet:

  • Search Engine Optimization/KSP Tool: This one provides keyword statistics that helps with search engine marketing decisions. It measures the popularity of your keyword and shows daily approximations of how often each of your keywords is searched for in the larger search engines such as Google, derived from monthly statistics. Each of your keyword's top 3 search engine categories are viewable, as well.  You can enter as many as 12 keyword phrases at a time, one per line or separated by commas, and click "Run KSP." Search counts and other statistics are displayed in a table.

  • Site Checker: When the search engine spiders crawl your website, they need be able to easily index the maximum number of pages. The Site Checker tool allows you to quickly verify the “crawl-a-ability” of your dropship website. It reads the server's response headers and detects any potential problems. The free report will identify redirects, if any, and problems with your server that could cause issues for the search engine spiders. It shows server status, too, along with other details for your reference.
  • Page Analyzer: This free tool is wonderful for checking up on your competition. You can find out how many of your competitor’s unique pages are ranked in the Top 10 with the major search engines and compare it to yours.

  • Link Analysis Report: This free tool lets you see who links to your competitors, as well as who links to you. The odds are good that if the website linked to your competitor, it may be a candidate to link to you. Look before you leap and research each link! You want links from established websites with content that is directly related to the content of your website, not something from a link farm, which Google takes a very dim view of.

There are scads of other useful, free SEO tools available on the internet. Here are a few more sources:

SEOBook: This site is chock full of fantastic and very helpful free SEO tools to help with your home business, such as a Keyword List Generator, Keyword Suggestion Tool, Meta Tag Generator and more.

Internet Marketing Ninjas: You can have a field day here with all of the free SEO tools, including On-Page Optimization Tool, Image and Link Analyzer, Social Image Resizer Tool and more.

These free SEO tools can g a long way in helping you stay in good standing with the major search engines, along with keeping an eye on the competition, which is always a good idea.

Once you master the basics of SEO and utilize the free tools available on the World Wide Web to fine tune it, your dropship business will have a much better chance of making you a comfortable living.


Here's another one free seo tool: http://tutor.rs
Posted @ Thursday, February 28, 2013 1:28 AM by Ivana Lukuc
Helpful article. Thank you so much. Does any one know about Rank Tracker Tool? Any experiences? The site is http://www.ranktrackertool.com
Posted @ Monday, March 04, 2013 4:20 PM by Sangeeta G
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