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How to Build Your Home Dropship Business With Video Marketing

dropship business video marketingDid you know that you can build your home dropship business with video marketing?

Video marketing is an excellent and cost effective way to build and grow your home ecommerce dropship business. Videos are hot and almost all internet users enjoy watching them. This can be of great advantage to an ecommerce entrepreneur!

If you aren’t entirely sure what video marketing is, a simple explanation is to say that it is marketing using videos. Fairly self explanatory, really, as it actually is exactly what it sounds like.

Video Marketing Tips

Here are some helpful ways to use video marketing to build your brand and increase sales for your online dropship business:

  • How to videos are hugely successful. If you can do video marketing with some handy “how to” tips and tricks for your audience, you have a fair shot at gaining a large number of viewers.

  • Use humor in your video marketing. People like and respond well to humor. If you can make someone smile or laugh, they are more apt to like you and research has shown that in sales, people tend to buy from those they like. So, be likable with a funny video and make more sales.

  • Don’t be too salesy. This is a big mistake. Yes, you want to do video marketing to build your business, but you don’t want to come across as Crazy Eddie the Used Car Dealer, either. If your video marketing efforts are good, they will work to build your business without a lot of hype.

  • YouTube is a great platform for video marketing! In fact, you will likely get more viewers on YouTube than anywhere else, so be sure to post your video marketing productions there. You might be interested to know that YouTube gets more than 800 million unique visitors to the site every month. This should provide you with an idea of how much exposure your video marketing would get there.

  • Social media is another really good place for video marketing. Your business Fan Page on Facebook is the perfect place for your marketing videos. Ditto for Twitter!

  • Don’t try to get too fancy with your video marketing. Keep it real. You aren’t aiming for a Hollywood blockbuster, just a simple video that gets your message out there.

  • You can use a plain, no frills video camera, digital camera with video capabilities or if it’s a really short flick, your cell phone. If you’re reasonably careful about lighting and speak distinctly, you can produce a satisfactory video from any of these.

  • Be sure to link to other of your videos, this amplifies your video marketing efforts and will please the folks who are watching them to learn something about your niche or products.

  • Be sure to let viewers comment or ask questions. This is an effective way of using video marketing to help you connect with consumers and potential customers.

Video marketing can be an extremely effective way to build your brand, connect with the buying public, work some PR mojo and drive traffic to your dropship listings or business website.

Get started with video marketing today and who knows---you might go viral!


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