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Use Email Marketing to Grow Your Home Dropship Business

email marketing dropship businessDid you know that you can use email marketing to grow your dropship home business?

It’s true!

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing techniques around and best of all; it won’t break your budget, especially if you can write the marketing emails yourself.

If you can’t, you can hire a freelancer or enlist the aid of a relative or friend who is willing to help for a small incentive.

Here are some tips to make email marketing effective for your dropship home business:

  • Always strive to get subscriptions to your email opt-in list. The more people who agree to receive your emails, the better off you are because you will be reaching out to a larger audience.

  • Be sure to include some sort of deal or promotion, or failing that; announce a new product you think your subscribers will be interested in hearing about. Remember that your subscribers, like just about everybody else on the internet, are bombarded with emails every day of the week. So, make sure you send emails that are of value in some way so that you don’t lose subscribers.

  • Make your subject line as catchy as possible. It needs a good hook, which means it needs to sound intriguing enough that your readers will be “hooked” and will open and read it. This is vitally important, so make it a priority.

  • Be sure to include the main message of your marketing email above the fold, or on the top half of the page. This is where it is most likely to be seen and keep people reading. Without this, your readers may gravitate away without reading all of your email.

  • Always address your recipients by name in marketing emails. This is a great way to connect with your customers and subscribers in a more personalized way.

  • Branding is important to your ecommerce dropship business and you should use it in your email marketing campaigns. If you have a logo, be sure to display it prominently at the top of the page so that people will recognize the email as coming from you.

  • How much is too much? As a rule, don’t deluge your subscribers with spammy emails. This is bad PR and will come back to bite you in the derriere if you aren’t careful.

  • Be sure to give your subscribers plenty of advance notice for your big holiday promotions and other great deals.

  • The flip side of that coin is to send a time sensitive offer from time to time that will be more likely to get action in a hurry. For example, you can offer free shipping for one day only or a similar incentive.

  • If there is one thing you definitely don’t want to overlook, it’s to make sure your email marketing messages are mobile device friendly. More and more people are using their mobiles for reading emails, shopping and everything else online, so you need emails that are compatible.

Using email marketing to grow and build your home dropship business is a smart move!


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