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How to Find Hot Niche Products for eBay Dropshipping

eBay dropshippingIf you have a regular job that you would love to quit, in favor of working from home in your own business, you might be interested in getting the scoop on how to find hot niche products for eBay dropshipping.

eBay and Amazon are the two giant marketplaces and both have an enormous amount of global traffic 24/7. If you decide that you would prefer to go with eBay, you can count on reaping at least some of the benefits of this traffic.

While it would be nice to have your own website---and eventually you might do that---if you are just getting started in ecommerce, you would be well advised to stick with eBay as you couldn’t reasonably hope to drive that much traffic to your online store initially.

Now, how do you find hot niche products for eBay dropshipping? How do you know which products are likely to sell like hotcakes and which are liable to sit there and stagnate because nobody wants them?

These are weighty questions, since your success as an eBay dropship seller will largely depend on your niche. If there is a demand for your products, sufficient to keep you in plenty of sales, you are one step ahead of the game and can expect to do well and make money.

If there isn’t a demand for your products that is enough to sustain your business, your eBay career will tank.

Here are some tips to help you find hot niche products for eBay dropshipping:

  • Go through the various eBay categories and check to see the completed listings in each one that you think might work for your dropshipping sales. If you see page after page of listings that show red for the selling price, this means that those items didn’t sell and you had better move on to something else, because if the product isn’t selling for other sellers on eBay, chances are it won’t sell for you, either. When you find products with a lot of green numbers for the selling price, which denotes items that sold, then you can take a better look at these high performance products that are selling well on eBay.

  • Use the Google Keyword Tool (it’s free) to see how many global searches are performed monthly for a particular product. If there are a lot of searches, this tells you that a lot of people are actively looking to buy this product and that it may be a hot niche product for eBay dropshipping. For example, if you enter the keyword phrase “silver jewelry” and see that about 2 million searches were performed globally for it in a month---you know that there is a big consumer demand for silver jewelry.

  • Going back to plain Google, the search engine, do a search for the sales stats for the product you are considering dropshipping on eBay. You may not be able to find this info and if you can’t, this isn’t a good sign. The hot products and niches will almost certainly have this data compiled. For example, if you are thinking of dropshipping digital cameras on eBay, search Google to get the sales stats for 2012 on global digital camera sales. If those stats are high---you’ve found a winner.

These tips will help you know how to find hot niche products for eBay dropshipping!


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