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Are There Any Dropshipping Success Stories?

dropshipping success storiesYou may be considering starting a home business in ecommerce and wondering---are there any dropshipping success stories?

The answer to your question is yes, there are. In fact, there are drop shippers making 6 figure incomes with a home business. The thing is, though, that you are far more likely to hear the gloom and doom, pessimistic stories about dropshipping than the success stories.

There is more than one reason for this phenomenon.

One reason is probably that those who are making pots full of money would just as soon not advertise it because they don’t want to encourage competition. This is perfectly understandable, from their perspective. But, not to worry, there is plenty to go around and always room for one more enterprising entrepreneur who wants to start making a life instead of just making a living.

Another reason you see the whiny, dropshipping-doesn’t-work stuff is that people in general tend to vent more about a bad experience than a good one. But, here is what you should bear in mind when you see these Gloomy Gus and Debbie Downer articles about dropshipping and how it’s impossible to make any money at it:

It isn’t true.

The cold, hard truth is that many of these people would fail at any undertaking. Some people simply do not have what it takes to be a success. Not at dropshipping, not at anything else. Sad, but a fact of life.

So, when it comes to dropshipping success stories, what do these ecommerce business people have in common? Why there they able to start and run a profitable, successful dropship business from home, when some others failed miserably?

Let’s take a look at some of the common characteristics you would be likely to find in the successful drop shippers:

  • They understand that in order to succeed and make money with a home business of any kind, including dropshipping, they must be willing to put in the time and effort necessary for success.

  • They have good work habits and realize that success has been attributed to a combination of 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. They roll up their sleeves and tackle whatever work needs doing in order to make those sales.

  • They have great customer service skills. Business goes where it is invited and stays where it is well treated. You can market until the cows come home, run ads and work social media for all its worth; but if you don’t deliver excellent customer service, your dropship business will fail.

  • They plan their work and work their plan. Successful dropshippers know that to run a profitable business, you need a plan of action. Some entrepreneurs make both short term and long range plans, which is a good idea. When you plan out what you are going to do ahead of time, it really helps, especially on those days when you just aren’t in the groove to work. A plan gives you a track to run on.

Yes, there are dropshipping success stories and if you follow the practices of successful people with a home dropship business, you can soon be writing your own!


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