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3 Tips to Help Cut Costs for Your Dropship Home Business


dropship costsIf you want to quit your 9-5 job and start a dropship home business that will net you a tidy income, you might appreciate a few tips to help you cut costs!

A home business in ecommerce can be tremendously successful and profitable. For instance, there are drop shippers who are raking in 6 figure incomes working right from the privacy, security and comfort of their own homes. The potential is there and if you go about it right, you can do the same.

One of the things you don’t want to do is to waste money. You have a gigantic advantage right off the bat with a home dropship business as opposed to a traditional brick and mortar store when it comes to cost, because your operating expenses will be a mere fraction of what they would be in a conventional store.

Still, it pays to be frugal and to economize when possible, just on the all too true principle that pennies make dollars. Save enough pennies and you have saved a dollar. Over a period of time, these pennies and dollars will add up to a significant amount of savings for your dropship business.

Here are 3 handy tips to help you cut costs for your dropship home business:


Clip coupons and shop daily deal boards for online coupons and savings on the things you need and use a lot for your business. For example, many of your home office supplies can be gotten at big savings if you shop wisely. Items such as binders, file folders and even computers, printers and other items can be purchased at greatly reduced prices if you shop for deals. Spend a little time to save a lot of money!


Instead of buying new office furniture such as desks and chairs, check your local Craigslist or newspaper for good used items. You might also attend auctions or shop garage sales to get the shelving, desks, filing cabinets, chairs and whatever else you need at bargain prices. One great way to save big on these home office items is a Going Out of Business sale. You can find lighting, cabinets and so much more if you check out a business that is closing its doors and liquidating its contents. This might be a great way to get the office machines you nee, too, such as printers and fax machines.


Put your office machines, including your computer, on a power strip so that you can easily turn them all off at night after you finish working for the day. Most of these things will use reserve power because they have a standby mode that draws kilowatts even when they aren’t being used. This will save you some money on your electric bill. Also, some computer experts say that turning your computer and monitor off when not in use extends their life, which makes sense. The longer you can use these items without replacing them, the more money you will save!

When you train yourself to get into the habit of being thrifty, it will become a habit and you might be surprised at the difference it will make in the long run.

Use these tips to help cut operating expenses for your dropship home business!


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