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5 Tips for a Better Dropship Internet Business Home Office

dropship internet business home office
If you are able to earn a comfortable living working from home, you’re one of the lucky people, but you might be able to use a few tips to make your dropship internet business home office better organized.

While it’s true that there probably isn’t such a thing as a perfect job, being your own boss and working from home has got to be as near perfection as possible for most of us worker bees who must earn our bread.

No irate boss or supervisor, no back biting coworkers, no expensive and time consuming commute back and forth to work, no expense for a wardrobe worn only on the job, the freedom to work the hours and days of your choosing…overall, working from home is splendid.

But, one of the most important things about working from home is your home office. No matter if you have an entire large room or section of your living quarters for a home office, or a teeny corner of a room or cubicle no bigger than a glorified broom closet; your home office space where you work and make a living needs to be as good as you can possibly make it.

Too many of those who work from home don’t rate their home office space as highly as they should, or make it a priority to improve it. This is a mistake. Your home office should be as efficiently organized and furnished as you can make it.

Here are 5 tips for improving your dropship internet business home office:

  • Go vertical---If your home office is space challenged and you need room for copy paper and similar supplies, go vertical by putting shelves on the walls to hold these necessary items. When you use wall space instead of floor space, you are making the most of what space you have available and your office will seem roomier.

  • De-clutter---Clutter seems to take on a life of its own. If you are prone to hang on to scraps of paper with scribbled, cryptic messages you wrote that even you can’t decipher, throw them out along with any and all other clutter that is piled around you. This will free up more room for important things. Getting rid of clutter in your dropship internet business home office has a psychological advantage, too, because when you are surrounded by clutter, you tend to be disorganized by association.

  • Stick to business---It is all too easy for your home office to end up as a repository for junk that nobody wants anywhere else in the house. So, if you have the hideous coconut shell lamp Aunt Maude gave you from a trip to Hawaii back in the 1950s, plus all sorts of other things like old seed and clothing catalogs, magazines nobody wants to read and more along these lines---get rid of it or at least get it out of your office. This sort of stuff is distracting and you’ll soon feel you’re running a junkyard.

  • Invest in a paper shredder---Rather than throw away papers with sensitive info such as your credit card and bank statements, buy a shredder and protect yourself from some crooked dumpster diver. This also serves a dual purpose because it eliminates paper clutter.

  • Use the fingertip rule---For the things you use most often, follow the old rule of keeping them no further than fingertip length from your office chair, where they are within easy reach. This will save time, plus, once we actually get up and out of our chairs, we tend to wander away from our work area and project at hand. Keeping things where you won’t have to get out of your chair to get them reduces this migration from the home office to the television, phone or refrigerator.

Use these 5 handy tips for better use of your dropship internet business home office and see how much more productive and organized you can be!


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