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SEO Basics for Your Dropship Business

SEO basics dropship business
Are you new to ecommerce and interested in some SEO basics for your home dropship business?

If so, read on.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is incredibly important to the success or failure of your ecommerce home dropship business. While some had declared that with the advent of Google’s Panda and Penguin updates SEO is dead, this is not true. SEO is very much alive and if you want to do well and make money in your dropshipping business, you will master at least the basics.

One of the main things to remember about SEO is an old saying that has been around the internet for a while: If you don’t exist with Google---you don’t exist.

This is as true today as it was when the expression was first coined, simply because the World Wide Web is a huge place. In order to get visitors and prospective customers to your dropship website or listings, it is imperative that you exist with Google. This means making sure that Google finds you and ranks you high in search results.

When you stop and think that the average online shopper rarely goes past the first page of search results, you realize just how very important it is to make your site or listings Google friendly.

Here are some tips that are great for beginner ecommerce entrepreneurs who are just getting started:

  • Your content and the infrastructure of your website are the most critical parts of it. You need great content with good SEO, plus a working site that is fast and without errors. This is the foundation. You can build on that with social media content, paid search and more. But that is where you need to start. This means making sure your keywords are judiciously applied throughout your website. Google and the other search engines frown on keyword stuffing, poor content and a bad user experience due to a poorly designed and malfunctioning website.
  • Make sure you choose a domain name that incorporates your primary keywords. Besides having just the one domain name, it’s a good idea to nail down and claim as your own the ones that might be misspelled by people searching for your site. This keeps any of your competitors from getting them, which they might simply because they would be getting traffic meant for you.

  • Use various types of content. While text is very important, don’t make it the be-all and end-all of your content. Instead, use other medias such as videos, which are quite popular with viewers. You might do instructional videos about your dropship products, for instance. Avoid Flash; it’s too distracting to visitors.

  • Never overlook meta data such as meta descriptions and title tags. These should be unique to your website and not duplicated. Always keep your meta data specific and applicable to the page it’s on. You also need to be sure that your meta data is formatted right.

Use these SEO basics for your dropship business and start living large while working from home!


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