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3 Timely Tips for Starting an Ecommerce Dropship Home Business


ecommerce dropship home businessAre you dreaming of escaping your dreary 9-5 job and working from home as your own boss with an ecommerce dropship business?

If so, you might find a few timely tips to come in handy!

Starting an ecommerce business is a piece of cake compared to starting a traditional brick and mortar store. It is immensely easier, much less expensive and very fast to get up and running; bringing you in an income almost right away.

Advantages of an Ecommerce Dropship Business

Forget having to pay rent or lease on a store building. Never mind taking out all kinds of costly insurance such as theft, fire, legal liability and more. No worries about having to sink a small fortune into inventory….storage space to house said inventory….fears of ending up with excess inventory you can’t move….furnishings, displays, cash registers, bookkeepers and accountants or any other of the 1001 things it takes to start a regular business.

With ecommerce, your business is online. You don’t even have to incur the expense of a web site because you might prefer using one of the big marketplaces like eBay or Amazon as your sales venue. EBay is now giving Basic plan store owners 150 free listings a month, so you don’t even have to pay fees unless and until your item sells. Sweet!


Tips for Ecoomerce Dropship Business Start-Up

So, if you’re all fired up with enthusiasm and itching to get started with your own ecommerce dropship business, here are 3 tips to speed you on your way and expedite the process:

1. Research a variety of products and niches before deciding on one. Your niche needs to be one in high consumer demand and preferably not oversaturated with competitors. Do your homework and choose wisely. The time you spend researching what will make a profitable niche for your dropship business will pay big dividends in lots of sales later on, after you start selling.

2. Make a business plan. Some people have the mistaken idea that business plans are only for brick and mortar businesses. Not true! You need a solid business plan that outlines clearly things such as business goals, marketing, and much more. You should have both short and long term goals and plans, with a well laid out route of how to get to where you want to go. This gives you a track to run on and makes things much easier.

3. Choose your wholesale product source wisely, be as choosy as you were deciding on a niche. This is a critical step in your dropship business start up. If you end up dealing with a product supplier who ships low quality, defective products to your customers, your business is doomed from the outset and your lifespan as a seller online is going to be short and not sweet. Be sure to find a supplier with genuine wholesale prices, too, or you won’t be able to have enough room for profits.

These three tips can help you start and maintain a successful, profitable ecommerce dropship home business, so get started now and wave goodbye to that dead end job!


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