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6 FREE Ways to Market Your Online Dropship Home Business

dropship marketing
Marketing is key in driving sales, so you might appreciate a few FREE ways to market your online dropship home business.

Any ecommerce entrepreneur in the know understands that marketing is essential to a successful, thriving and profitable business---online and off. If you fail to market and promote your online dropship home business, it will not be as successful as it could be---plain and simple.

Here are 6 free ways to market your dropship business:

I. Use content to market your dropship business by creating how-to pages on Wikihow or Ask.com. Of course, they need to be relevant to your dropship niche. If you are dropshipping lingerie, for instance, you might create an informative page that explains how to measure and purchase the correct bra size. This content will not only help you in Google search ranking, but also assist in setting you up as an authority within your dropship niche.

II. Start a business blog. Don’t go too heavy on the sales hype. Readers don’t like that and neither does Google and the other search engines. Instead, keep the content informative and interesting, making sure it correlates and is relevant to your niche. For example, if you dropship boating and water fun products, your content could be about all sorts of current news that pertains to these things.

III. Make a video. YouTube is extremely popular. In fact, videos of any kind are popular with online users, so produce one or more instructional or educational videos that are relevant to your dropship niche. You don’t need to be a Hollywood producer to create a good marketing video. Any video camera will do, or even a digital camera that will record for a few minutes. Don’t be afraid to inject a bit of humor into your marketing videos as these are the ones that are prone to go viral.

IV. Harness the power of social media through such sites as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. To give you an idea of how very popular Facebook is, there are currently 1.11 billion members. Just imagine how effectively you could market your dropship business on that site if you connected with a teeny fraction of users! Twitter is also hot, as is Pinterest.

V. Make sure that all of your pages have unique HTML page titles. Meta tags are still a basic and quite important element of best SEO practices, so don’t overlook them.

VI. Use press releases to market your dropship business. You can pay for press release services, but there are several good free ones, such as 24-7 Press Release. Naturally, you want to make your press releases relevant to your dropship niche. If you don’t know the proper way to write a press release, not to worry, it isn’t difficult and you can find plenty of free help online to show you a step by step process.

Use these 6 free ways to market your home dropship business and you might be surprised at how your sales will take off!


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