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5 Mistakes Dropship Business Entrepreneurs Make & How to Avoid Them

dropship mistakesIf you want to have a successful home dropship business, you might appreciate learning about the 5 most common mistakes ecommerce entrepreneurs make and how to avoid making them yourself.

While nobody could reasonably argue that an online sales business isn’t many times easier and less costly to start up and maintain than a traditional brick and mortar business, the fact is that there are perils and pitfalls to be avoided even if you are an internet merchant with a home dropship business.

It’s important to know what to do when you have a home dropship business, but it is also important to know what NOT to do….what mistakes to avoid. So, here are 5 common mistakes made by ecommerce dropship business entrepreneurs and how you can avoid making them.


Poor Quality Images---One all-too-common mistake made by ecommerce business people is to have their product images too small. You must always remember that when online shoppers are browsing products in the virtual world of the internet, they are unable to actually see or touch the item as they can in a brick and mortar store. So, your product images need to be excellent in every respect. Make sure they are large enough to depict the product well and show several views if possible.


Inadequate Product Descriptions---Again, due to your shoppers being in a virtual world, your product descriptions need to be exceptionally well written with adequate information. Specifics such as size, color, measurements, weight, capacity, or all other pertinent data that a person needs to know in order to make an informed buying decision should be included in your product description. Failing to do this will lose a lot of sales!


Insufficient SEO---SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is alive and well on the internet, even post Panda and Penguin updates. If you don’t incorporate good quality SEO, your dropship products and/or website will not rank well with Google or the other search engines. This, in turn, will result in poor traffic flow and therefore, fewer sales. If you want to succeed in ecommerce, you must use great SEO or you will simply be swallowed up into the vast World Wide Web. Statistics have shown that few searchers go past the first page of search results. This should make it pretty clear why you want to keep your search rankings high with the proper use of SEO.

IV. Lousy Customer Service---This is one mistake that will sink you like the Titanic before you can say ecommerce. It is certain death and no business---online or off---can get away with it and be successful. Your customers are the lifeblood of your dropship business. If you take care of them, they will take care of you by becoming repeat customers and being wonderful brand evangelists who spread the word about how great your products are. Neglect them or treat them badly and you are shooting yourself in the foot and will not be in business long.


Focusing on Price---Successful merchants know that you cannot focus too much on price. Yes, price is important and consumers like low prices. But, if you begin slashing prices to undercut competitors, this is a war nobody wins. Least of all you. One surprising tidbit of human psychology is that many shoppers are suspicious of prices that are much lower than everyone else’s. Also, they tend to equate these ultra cheap prices with inferior products. You can actually even price your dropship products a tad higher than competitors if you provide better customer service than they do, and be quite successful.

Avoid these 5 common mistakes made by many ecommerce dropship entrepreneurs and make your home business more successful!


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