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Summertime is Camping Season: Dropship Coleman Tents Now!

dropship Coleman tentsSummertime is camping season, dropship Coleman tents now for a profitable ecommerce home business!

Although there are a lot of hardy individuals who camp year round in every season and all sorts of inclement weather, most of the camping activity will go on during warm weather. This makes the good old Summertime a prime time to dropship Coleman tents and score some great seasonal profits.

Coleman is an internationally famous name brand and is recognized as a leader in the industry. This will give you an edge in your dropship sales simply because selling a well known and respected brand will go a long way toward overcoming the doubt and fear that many online shoppers experience about buying a products on the internet.

The Coleman Company has been around since way back in 1905 and has been a pioneer in the camping products niche, starting out in gas lights. Nowadays, the Coleman brand is synonymous with camping.

If you dropship Coleman tents, you will discover that you have hit upon an extremely profitable niche with a huge global consumer demand.

Camping, according to various studies and surveys, is on the rise in the United States as well as internationally. Why? What accounts for this always popular pastime growing even more popular?

We almost certainly have the economy to thank for it. With the long, drawn out recession in the U.S. and abroad, more and more consumers are tightening the purse strings and choosing to take lower cost vacations and outings than before the economy cratered out.

Look at these stats from the National Camping Association:

  • 534.9 million – Days Americans spent camping in 2011 (about 12.6 days per person)

  • 140 million – Americans who make outdoor recreation a priority in their daily lives

  • 42.5 million – Americans who went camping in 2011

And here are some more factoids from the Outdoor Foundation:

  • The Outdoor Foundation has released a new study, reporting that 43 million Americans went camping last year. This American Camper Report provides statistics on camping participation and campers’ preferences, as well as looks into the future of the industry

  • Camping’s increase in popularity is portrayed by the numbers, with the 43 million count being an increase over 40 million campers in 2010. The areas of the country having the highest camping participation rate were the mountain regions.

  • Typical campers went on five camping trips during the year, traveling an average of 191 miles from their home to the campground. Campers include friends on their trips 70 percent of the time, and the favorite activity to participate in on a trip is hiking.

Once people try camping, many of them really like it and want to go over and over again. These people will be buying camping supplies such as Coleman tents, which is where you come in.

There are a variety of Coleman tent styles and sizes available to dropship, everything from small one person pp-up tents to large tents with multi rooms that are suitable for a family.

One idea to kick around of you plan to dropship Coleman tents is to offer some correlating camping supplies along with them. You can up sell, cross sell and bundle by offering shoppers who are looking at or buying a tent such items as these:

  • Camp Stoves
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Camp Tables
  • Camp Chairs
  • Camp Dinnerware
  • Lanterns
  • And much more

If you want a profitable ecommerce home business, dropship Coleman tents this summer and all year long!


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