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Dropshipping SEO Tips: How to Make Google Love You Again

SEO tips dropshipping Google
If your dropshipping home business website has been hit hard by the Panda and Penguin updates, you might appreciate a few SEO tips on how to make Google love you again.

First of all, if your relationship with Google suddenly went South after the updates, you aren’t alone. In fact, thousands of websites found themselves out in the cold after Google rolled out Panda and Penguin.

You might feel abandoned, betrayed, dumped, jilted….the whole enchilada of rejection emotions. After all, you love Google and now Google doesn’t love you back. Is there anything worse than unrequited love? You may find yourself wondering what went wrong. Was it something you said? Something you did?

To explain the entire Panda and Penguin updates would be a mammoth undertaking, so suffice to say that if you woke up one morning to discover that your dropshipping site had fallen off the front page of Google search results; these tips might furnish some insight on why you got shoved to the back of the bus and what you can do to get back on the first page of search results again.

Here are some handy SEO tips for the new and improved Google:

  • How is your content? There was a time when “article farming” was big business on the World Wide Web and ecommerce entrepreneurs would hire whoever would agree to work for peanuts to crank out content of some kind---any kind---just to rank high with the search engines. Those days are gone, thank goodness. Google wants proper usage of grammar, no misspellings, and content that actually makes sense; rather than nonsensical gobbledy gook stuffed with keywords. So, take a realistic look at your content. If it is inferior; get it up to speed by improving the quality.

  • What kind of outbound links do you have? Are they of good quality? If not, Google is going to judge you by the company you keep and penalize you for linking to poor quality sites. So, check your links and ditch any that might be dragging you down in the search engine results.

  • How is your keyword ratio? In the pre-Panda and Penguin days, many website owners used “Black Hat” SEO, meaning that they stuffed keywords. Nowadays, this is a big no-no with Google. Your keyword ratio shouldn’t be above 3%. If it is---cut it down. Google will penalize you for using too many keywords and it will probably hurt you more than not using enough.

  • Are you using text styling? This simply means bolding and/or italicizing your keywords. If not, get with the program and be rewarded by Google. Using this tactic will weight your keywords more heavily for optimal search engine results.

  • Are you using long tail keyword phrases? If not, you should be. Many dropshipping home business owners don’t understand that it is better to use some longer keyword phrases that are more specific to your products. Why? For one thing, there is less competition this way than trying to stick with strictly one or two keywords. By using longer keyword phrases with less competition, Google and the other search engines will find your site more easily.

Don’t sit around nursing your broken heart because Google dumped you! Use these SEO tips for your dropshipping home business and make Google love you again!



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