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How to Become a Top Amazon Seller with Dropshipping

dropshipping AmazonAnyone interested in starting and maintaining a thriving, profitable ecommerce business with dropshipping would do well to consider becoming a seller on Amazon.

What is so great about Amazon?

Well, of starters, there are millions and millions of visitors flowing through the site every day from all over the world. Then there is the not insignificant matter of Amazon’s popularity and fame. Think about it. How many people in the civilized world have not at least heard of Amazon?


This fame works to your advantage if you want to become a dropshipping seller on Amazon because quite honestly, there is simply no way you could possibly hope to replicate that kind of brand buzz and traffic all by your lonesome on your own website. So, by setting up to sell on Amazon, you can ride the coat tails of this massive online marketplace and reap some of its rewards.

Here are some helpful hints that you might find beneficial about dropshipping on Amazon:

If you are planning to sell more than 40 items a month on Amazon, you would be well advised to choose the Pro Account. With the free service for sellers, Amazon charges a flat rate closing fee of $0.99 per item sold. So, do the math and you can see why you would come out way ahead if you sell more than 40 items a month.

If you haven’t yet selected a niche for your dropship sales, take a look at Amazon’s Best Seller lists to get some ideas about what is hot and what is not. For instance, if you are looking in the Amazon category of Sporting Goods, you can click al link that will show you the bestselling products within that particular category. This can be quite helpful in choosing a niche because you get an idea of what people are buying.

One good tip for choosing a niche on Amazon is to stick with dropshipping items that have consistently good reviews. You might be surprised at how many shoppers will not buy anything without first scoping out its reviews and will back off from a purchase if the widget has a lot of bad reviews from users.

Consider dropshipping in a niche with a low referral fee on Amazon. For example, computers have a 6% referral fee, unlocked cell phones, video game consoles and some other electronics have a 7% referral fee, while other categories can be significantly higher. Remember, the lower your fees paid to Amazon, the higher your profits and the amount of money that goes in your own pocket.

Be realistic and upfront with customers regarding an estimated delivery date. You don’t have to divulge that you are using a dropshipper and that their item will be shipped by a third party; but do be truthful about the time frame when they can reasonably expect delivery. In general, people don’t tend to get irate if they know in advance it will take a week or longer for their item to arrive, but if you lead them to believe it will be at their door in a couple of days--brace yourself. They will probably be angry or at least upset.                                                                                                                             

Check out for the best kept secrets on the subject!

Use these tips to be successful in dropshipping on Amazon!  


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