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3 Ways to Boost the Conversion Rate in Your Home Dropship Business

dropship business conversion rateWould you like to know 3 great ways to boost the conversion rate in your home dropship business?

Sure you would!

After all, the higher your conversion rate, the higher your income. So, anything you can do to increase conversion and make more sales means more money in your pocket.

First of all, what exactly is a conversion rate?

You may be new to ecommerce and have heard the term “conversion rate” bandied about but be vague as to what it means. Here is a brief but accurate definition of a conversion rate, straight from trusty Wikipedia:

“In internet marketing, the conversion rate is the proportion of visitors to a website who take action to go beyond a casual content view or website visit, as a result of subtle or direct requests from marketers, advertisers, and content creators.”

In other words, in terms of your dropshipping sales, your conversion rate would mean how many visitors or click throughs to your site or listing on eBay, Amazon or wherever actually went on to make a purchase. For example, if you had ten visitors to your dropship website and 5 of them completed a purchase, you would have a conversion rate of 50%. If you are an eBay dropshipper, your conversion rate would apply to your listings. If ten shoppers clicked through to view your item and 4 of them made a purchase, then your conversion rate would be 40%.

Obviously, a high conversion rate is to be strived for at all times. There are other considerations when it comes to improving your dropship business conversion rates, as well. Having a high conversion rate will net you a higher ranking in search engine results pages because Google and the other major search engines reward good conversion rates as they are an indication that your site or your content is valuable to others.

This also applies to your dropship listings on eBay, particularly since the advent of the new Cassini search engine. You will score brownie points with Cassini and get ranked higher in search results if your listings convert to sales reasonably often.

So, without further ado, 3 ways to increase your conversion rate for a home dropship business:

1. Provide excellent descriptions and images. Always keep in mind that online shoppers are at a disadvantage in that they are unable to see and touch your products in real time. They must rely on reading your descriptions and looking at your images. Therefore, the descriptions need to be as detailed as possible, while romancing the benefits to the shopper of your product. The images must be large enough to see well, with clear, true colors, and preferably include several views. Having great descriptions and images of your dropship products will go a long way toward increasing your conversion rate.

2. Streamline and simplify checkout. The checkout process is one place that many an ecommerce entrepreneur comes to grief as far as a conversion rate, because this is the spot in the sales funnel where many shoppers bail without completing a purchase. The faster and easier you can make this step---the better off you will be. If you are an eBay or Amazon dropshipper, you don’t have to worry about it much as checkout is basically built-in. But, if you have your own website, this is a crucial step and to improve conversion….it must be quick and painless for the shopper. Don’t ask for info you don’t need to complete the sale. Don’t make the customer jump through hoops to checkout. Do have a progress bar that shows shoppers exactly where they are in the checkout process.

3. One of the biggest hurdles an ecommerce business person must overcome in order to make a sale is fear and shoppers being uneasy about getting ripped off. To overcome this and increase your conversion rate in a home dropship business, display your trust and security signs and symbols prominently. Make sure that visitors to your site know that it is safe and secure. This will help immensely in increasing your conversions.

Use these 3 tips to increase the conversion rate for your home dropship business!


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