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Home Dropshipping Business: 5 Tips for Finding a Profitable Niche

dropshipping nicheA home dropshipping business can be extremely lucrative if you have a product that is in high global consumer demand, so use these 5 tips for finding a profitable niche and carve yourself a comfortable living working for yourself!

In ecommerce, you have the whole world as your marketplace and so it is quite helpful to have a dropshipping product with a global appeal and in demand with consumers all around the world. The time you spend researching to find a great niche will be time well spent, make no mistake about it.

Here are 5 tips to help you find a profitable niche for your home dropshipping business.

1. First and possibly foremost, forget all that drivel and advice you may have been given about following your “passion” and how much better your sales will be if you dropship something you’re passionate about. This is simply not true. Yes, selling dropship products you happen to be passionate about would be an added bonus, but this is absolutely not necessary for your ecommerce success! So, before you even start looking for a profitable dropshipping niche, disabuse yourself of that notion.

2. Find your “sweet spot” as far as price. Many ecommerce entrepreneurs believe that the $100-$200 range per product is a great sweet spot because it is enough to net you a handsome profit on each sale, provided you are sourcing your dropship products for a reputable supplier who gives you genuine wholesale prices. Plus, it is a small enough amount by many shoppers’ standards that they don’t feel the necessity to actually talk to you or whoever answers your business phone before making the purchase.

3. Try to find a niche that is difficult for most shoppers to obtain locally. For example, if someone wanted a basketball, they would probably head for the sporting goods brick and mortar store closest to them. But, what if they want fancy dress costumes for adults and children, or accessories for magic shows and magicians? You get the idea. Most folks will look to online shopping for these types of purchases. Do bear in mind that you don’t want something so obscure there won’t be enough of a demand for it to furnish you plenty of traffic and sales.

4. One excellent idea for a profitable niche is to focus on products that need to be replaced on a fairly regular basis. You can build up a fantastic repeat customer bases when you dropship items that are disposable or that must be purchased on an ongoing basis. Things like office supplies, printer ink, cash register tape---all of these and much more would be great items to dropship.

5. A niche that is a problem solver is almost a sure thing! If you find a product that solves a real problem for quite a few people, you will have an audience eager to buy what you are selling. For example, baskets that fit on bicycles, wheelchairs or even walkers are in big demand and not so easy to find locally in many areas.

These 5 tips can help you find a profitable niche for a home dropshipping business!


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