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4 Tips for Successful Dropshipping

dropshipping tipsDropshipping is the closest thing to an ideal ecommerce home business as you are ever likely to find, and if you want to leave your dreary, low paying job in favor of being your own boss and earning a comfortable living from home, you might appreciate some tips on how to be successful.

1. Research your niche thoroughly before choosing one. Not just any old niche will do for a successful dropshipping home business. You need one with a high enough consumer demand to ensure you get plenty of traffic and sales year round. Of course, some dropshippers only have a seasonal business and make so much during the winter holidays, for instance, that they don’t have to work the rest of the year. But, a good rule of thumb is to find a dependable niche that will furnish you with business all through the year.

2. Research pricing for the niche or products you decide to dropship. Pricing is critical to the success or failure of your home dropshipping business. If you don’t charge enough for your items, you won’t be able to make enough of a profit to keep your home business viable. But, there is only a certain amount of a fair market value you can charge for your dropship products without losing business due to your prices being too high. So, before you shop for a product supplier, know what you need to know about what prices you can reasonably expect to get for the product you want to dropship. That way, you won’t fall victim to paying too high a price for the items you choose for resale.

3. Research wholesale product sources before entering into any kind of business agreement with one. There are a lot of them out there and some, quite frankly, are best steered clear of. For example, if you see a wholesale product source that touts itself as a “free” service---beware! Common sense will tell you that no legitimate business is going to incur the costs of running a business solely out of the goodness of its heart, just to make you and other people money. Not gonna happen. Also, another thing to be leery of is pricing. Some allegedly wholesale product suppliers actually charge you retail prices, or darned close to retail. This is why you do your homework as outlined in Tip 2 above, so you’ll know the true retail price and won’t end up paying too much.

4. Research online venues and marketplaces before deciding where you will be dropshipping your products. Some, like eBay and Amazon, have very stringent rules and policies and pretty steep fees. Some are free. But, keep this in mind: the free ones simply are not going to deliver the gargantuan amount of traffic you will get on the giants---eBay and Amazon. Even if you pay no fees, without the traffic to make sales, you won’t make any money. You may also consider starting your own website. Sit down and really delve into all of your alternatives before choosing the one that is right for your home business.

Use these tips for successful dropshipping and you can start living large with your own home business!


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